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Tips for a Stress Free Move

A new move, especially one across the country or even across the state, can be overwhelming. It’s hard to keep track of all the little things you have to do, and on top of that you really want to do things right! Optimizing the moving process can result in an easier, low-stress move! There a few simple tricks to employ to make your moving process go a lot faster and simpler, at both the packing stage and the moving stage! Plan ahead ... Read more

And You Thought Boxes Were Boring

Boxes. Not something most people sit around contemplating. Until they’re moving and they don’t have any. Or enough. Or the right ones. Or – oh no – tape. “To be cost effective boxing and packing in advance is imperative,” says Todd Koepke of T-N-T Moving Systems in Charlotte. “We give our customers the same advice we would give our family members.  Moving day can be tiring, it will save so many steps if you are prepared.  Moving one item at the time will exhaust ... Read more