And You Thought Boxes Were Boring

Boxes. Not something most people sit around contemplating.

Until they’re moving and they don’t have any. Or enough. Or the right ones. Or – oh no – tape.

“To be cost effective boxing and packing in advance is imperative,” says Todd Koepke of T-N-T Moving Systems in Charlotte.

“We give our customers the same advice we would give our family members.  Moving day can be tiring, it will save so many steps if you are prepared.  Moving one item at the time will exhaust even the most seasoned athlete.”

That’s why T-N-T proves box services. T-N-T comes to their customers. They deliver boxes – as many or as few – as the customer needs… the customer’s home. They bring lots of shapes and sizes. And that’s not even the big news…..

“We take back what they don’t use free of charge,” says Koepke.

No one can know when they begin packing and moving just how many boxes they may need. Often customers underestimate the number of boxes they may need. What looks like a small amount in a kitchen cabinet may turn out to be three boxes of glassware once someone has packed coffee mugs, water glasses, plastic cups from ballgames and maybe a few sippie cups for kids.

Packing is time consuming too. And stopping to go pick up more boxes, different boxes or tape can take valuable time out of a day. Many customers move with limited time allotted for packing too. If a move is a result of a transfer there may be very little notice and an otherwise busy schedule to accommodate. Every errand adds to the complexity of the move.

Of course T-N-T also provides packing services too. Hiring T-N-T to pack and move relieves stress and insures that items are packed well, with as little possibility of damage or breakage as possible.

So maybe boxes aren’t a common item to contemplate, but anyone who has packed or moved – big or small – will agree that boxing is a critical factor in making a move simple, quick and pleasant.

T-N-T is a full service moving company with an impressive list of referrals. They’ve made their name through top notch customer service and boxes are only part of that. T-N-T owners Tom Tulowiecki and Todd Koepke have been in business since 1995 and they still take every call personally. That’s the personal touch. That’s the difference that packs the power behind T-N-T.

Need some boxes? Need them delivered to your door? You got it. Call T-N-T and make your move a pleasure. Call T-N-T at 704-523-1455 or visit their website at

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