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Stress Free Moving Tips by TNT Moving Systems

A new move, especially one across the country or even across the state, can be overwhelming. It’s hard to keep track of all the little things you have to do, and on top of that you really want to do things right! Optimizing the moving process can result in an easier, low-stress move! There a few simple tricks to employ to make your moving process go a lot faster and simpler, at both the packing stage and the moving stage!

Plan ahead and start early!  As soon as you know when and where you are moving, call your mover and get those boxes delivered.

Buy 10 – 15 big Black Sharpe Markers.  Put one or two in each room of your home.  After you pack a box, write in large letters on the box where it will go in your new home.  This eliminates confusing when you get to your destination.  Try to keep the labels simple like “Den”, “Master”, “Kids”, etc.  When you arrive at your destination bring index cards with those labels on them and tape them above the door frame of each room.  This way the movers know exactly where to put the box.

Least Used First
Begin packing boxes with items that you don’t use every day.  For example if it’s winter season, it’s probably safe to go ahead and pack that summer bikini.  It can be tempting to put things in boxes as you go, or to pack entire boxes with many of the same type of objects but it’s better to pack heavy things, like books, on the bottom of a box and fill the rest with lighter items.

Always think about your breakables ahead of time when packing. You want to make sure you have extra strong boxes, and a healthy supply of tape and bubble wrap. Make sure that fragile items are packed snuggly inside a box to cut down on jostled and potentially broken items. On that note you should also separate your breakables from their lids and remove light bulbs from inside of lamps. You can save money on bubble wrap by pairing linens that need to be packed with boxes of fragile items.


  • Moving Company – Don’t underestimating the actual costs of the move. Make sure you appropriately estimate the amount of time it will take for a local move or the weight of the furniture for a long distance move.
  • Gas – If you are driving your personal vehicle to the new house you will need to consider gas.
  • Fast Food – If you normally eat in you may want to grab something on the go during the move.  Bring a little
  • Supplies – Make sure you think about your boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. (Boxes are FREE at TNT Moving Systems)

Contact all your utilities prior to moving. Some companies, like the cable and power company, will need to come to your house to have services switched.

Forward your mail and change your address with the post office.  Also, call any major vendors like your insurance company to be certain they are notified of your new address.

Using these suggestions can help you have a smooth and efficient moving day! And of course choosing the right movers can’t hurt!

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