Avoiding Damage During Your Move

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Ben Franklin once said, “Three moves are as bad as a fire.” And anybody who’s been through a tough move could see how the quote rings true. Changing locations offer a fresh start but can also result in broken items, damaged floors, and misplacement of personal items. Three bad moves could really leave someone with the feel of a house fire.

How to move fragile items.

Underestimated, but maybe even more significant is the stress that relocating causes. — “A total of 1,000 Americans who had recently moved were asked about the most stressful events in their life. Researchers say moving was selected most often by respondents (45%).” – John Anderer, Study Finds

The solution is easy and affordable. Hire movers to facilitate your next move and reduce the stress.  A recent survey indicated overwhelming majority (94%) of families who hired movers stated it was worth the expense. Nobody should go through one of the most stressful experiences of their life alone. Hiring a moving company is well worth it. T-N-T Moving Systems is ready to meet whatever challenge and stress your move could generate, helping you land in your new place securely.  Even if you move three times, with T-N-T Moving Systems, things won’t feel like a fire. Sorry, Ben Franklin!

But don’t take our word for it, check out our Google Reviews to find out what others are saying about T-N-T Moving Systems.  This review from Deidre Jordan highlights our commitment to professionalism, efficiency, and care for belongings.

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Throughout this article, we’ll give you some tips on ensuring your items remain intact and in place, letting you focus on new beginnings or enjoying your new home, not stressing about what’s been lost or damaged. Those looking for moving tips or information about the Charlotte area can check out T-N-T’s moving info page. Otherwise, here’s how to keep your things together and in one piece during a move.


Commonly Damaged Items


In a move, you must pack everything, including tough-to-move or fragile items. This leads to a number of items that are commonly broken or damaged during moves. Knowing what to look out for when it comes time to box up your belongings can prevent future heartache.

Here is a list of the most damaged items:

  • China, plates, dishes, and cups: Packing up all your dinnerware is a challenge. Dinnerware can be expensive, and many families have sentimental dinnerware that they can trace through generations. To these families the items are priceless and must be protected.You can mitigate the risk of items breaking by wrapping each piece individually. Look to use bubble wrap and a strong bin with a lid to keep the items together and protected from damage. T-N-T Moving Systems offers specific packing materials designed for your dinnerware, which may be well worth the investment, depending on the value.


  • Mirrors and frames: In many cultures it is superstitious to break a mirror. At T-N-T Moving Systems it’s just bad business. Mirror frames can sometimes be flexible or fragile causing cracks when maneuvered.  It’s best to pack mirrors in protective boxes with high impact foam edging to protect the vulnerable glass.


  • Collectibles: Forty Percent of Americans collect something. Collectables include coins, tradable cards, books, trinkets, keepsakes, and bottles. And those who collect will know firsthand — the value of your collection is intimately tied to its condition. T-N-T Moving Systems prioritizes your collectibles, notes the placement, and we make sure they get to the right room at the new residence. p, not tallying losses.


  • Electronics and Technology: Electronics, computers, TVs and sound equipment are some of the more expensive items people move. It’s important that these items are delivered in good working order.  We recommend moving these items in specially packed boxes and for best results, these should travel in personal vehicles with the owners. If you do allow your moving company to load these items on a truck, be certain to buy extra insurance to cover damage. Since the quality, age, and working order cannot be determined or estimated in advance, it’s better to move these items yourself.


  • Furniture: The type of item everyone is likely to picture when imagining a big move is furniture. These larger items that can prove to be the most challenging. To keep larger pieces from scraping frames and floors T-N-T Moving Systems recommends the use of heavy duty moving blankets.


Remembering Lost Items

T-N-T Moving Systems counts each box and we take a picture of your items before we close up the truck.  Beyond that, we recommend packing items like Kindle Readers and Chargers together.  Even simple items like tops and bottoms to tupperware are easier to locate when packed in the same box.

Movers and Their Role in Avoiding Damage and Lost Items

Placement of furniture, rugs, lamps, and appliances in your new home is part of T-N-T Moving Systems’ red carpet service.  We spend time on set-up and placement.  T-N-T professionals know it’s important to avoid floor damage, furniture damage, and lost parts.

And not all moving companies provide that level of care. That same 2022 New York Times poll mentioned earlier reported that 14% of families had movers who broke their items in a move. So, making sure you’re choosing a mover who’s backed by positive reviews is paramount.

Hundreds of families in the Charlotte area have partnered with T-N-T Moving Systems to ensure a stress-free move. Take this review from Matthew as an example —

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Whether you’re moving from one part of the neighborhood to another or looking to enter North Carolina hassle-free, call T-N-T Moving Systems for a quote today and book a move that keeps your belongings and sanity intact!