Tipping Etiquette: How Much Should You Tip Your Movers?

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Not every mover will hit the standard of T-N-T Moving Systems, but you’ll want to prepare to tip 20% if you’re happy with the overall experienceTipping has become increasingly common since the pandemic, as many are likely familiar with. However, like many things, tipping is not universal. The 20% guideline for waiters and waitresses doesn’t hold true to other service sectors. This leaves those of us buying goods or services with a couple essential questions:

  1. “What is a fair tip?”
  2. “Do I tip at all?”

The moving industry is an excellent example of this, as the guide to tipping has remained unclear — until now. If you’ve ever wondered how much to tip a mover, this article is for you. T-N-T Moving Systems is here to help, with everything from tipping guidelines to moving needs.

What Is a Fair Tip?

When evaluating how much to tip, it’s good to start with the overall price of your move. Not all moves are created equal; smaller moves require less of a tip than larger, whole-home moves. Additionally, local moves require less time than long-distance moves, another factor worth considering when evaluating how much to tip.

As with wait staff, it’s recommended that you tip up to 20% for professional, courteous, and effective moving services. Not every mover will hit the standard of T-N-T Moving Systems, but you’ll want to prepare to tip 20% if you’re happy with the overall experience. Basing your tip on the total cost of the move is a great way to ensure the time, distance, and level of the job are represented in the total gratuity amount.

Do I Tip at All?

That said, “Is tipping required?” The short answer is no, but it’s highly encouraged. Think of all the things that could go wrong in a move:

  • Your items end up broken, damaged, or misplaced;
  • There’s damage done to your home;
  • Or the move isn’t as quick or prompt as it needs to be.

In contrast, if the move goes well, you must consider the dedication, time, and plain old hard work that went into it. It’s important to show your appreciation for a seamless relocation by tipping well. You can even tip over 20% if you’re extremely satisfied!

Outside of tipping, you can show your thanks by writing a positive review of the moving company. If you’re working with T-N-T Moving Systems, you would be joining hundreds of happy families in voicing your positive thoughts on their moving process.

The Gist

Tipping your moving company is highly encouraged, with 20% being the standard (as with those who serve in our restaurants).  You may feel obliged to tip more if the movers exceed your expectations.

T-N-T Moving Systems is one of the best moving companies in North Carolina. We’ve helped countless Charlotte-area families and businesses navigate a moving process in a market and area that isn’t always easy. While you might still wonder how much to tip your barista, you can be sure of who you’ll hire for your next move. Reach out to T-N-T Moving Systems today for a free quote and get on track to a hassle-free move!