Short Distance Moves are Affordable and May Bring a Better Quality of Life

Going From City Life to Suburban Life: A Short-Distance Move Could Bring a Better Quality of Life

Charlotte is a wonderful place to live, but for many people it is too crowded and expensive. City life isn’t for everyone and at T-N-T Moving Systems, we have noticed a significant number of Charlotte residents starting to move from the city to some of the outlying suburbs and surrounding small towns. Do you need to make a change to your quality of life? A short-distance move might just be your answer. 

Short Distance Moves Charlotte City


According to a recent article from The CW-WCCB, Charlotte is presently one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, as “From July 1, 2022 to July 1, 2023 about 53 people moved to Mecklenburg county each day. With the expansion, comes a growing economy and growing pains.” What are some of these growing pains? Finding affordable housing and dealing with crowded areas and roads are the biggest issues we are seeing so far. Take a drive through Noda or Southend or try and find a parking space at the Southpark Mall on a Saturday and you will surely feel the effects of Charlotte’s recent exponential growth.

While we are seeing a record number of people moving into the city limits, we are also seeing a lot of movement out to the surrounding suburbs. Why, you may ask? Well, after taking a drive through Southend, go drive around Fort Mill. Notice anything different? How about a significant reduction in traffic on and off the roads; there’s also more affordable housing–and more housing options!

The Benefits of Living Outside of the City

One of the most notable advantages to living right outside of the city is cost. There is a substantial difference in price to buying or building within the city as opposed to doing either within a surrounding area. This difference in price can be in the hundreds of thousands–with you paying way more to live within the city. Another draw to moving out is the fact that planners and developers are continually adding amenities to make suburban living a viable option for Charloteans, both old and new. As people move out of the city and have been doing so for the past few years in higher numbers, these popular areas outlining Charlotte have seen a massive uptick of new retail areas, restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping centers.

Sure, city life has its perks, but the reality is that the more we pack ourselves into our little city, the less room we have. It quickly becomes cramped, and we have to spend more time than we would like to on the roads, in our cars, and standing in lines. With more people working from home these days, one would think we would witness less congestion, but with such an influx of people moving to Charlotte, this simply isn’t so.

Here are some more benefits to living in the burbs:

  • Buying or building on a lot in Charlotte’s suburbs offers more privacy than living in the big city. These lots are typically larger in size than city lots, which provides that extra room to stretch out and create a nice back or front yard–maybe even build an addition to the house, such as a mother-in-law sweet or a garage.

Good luck finding a large enough space in the city where your immediate view from your windows doesn’t peer directly into the neighbor’s window or yard.

  • More Options. It is true that today’s housing market is seeing somewhat of a slowdown, and cities such as Charlotte are experiencing housing inventory shortages, namely because we are running out of room. The fact is, there are not enough buildable lots available for the amount of people wanting to live in Charlotte.

There are, however, plenty of lots ready for building, and many houses already built, available on the outskirts of town, which makes it a good idea to look to the burbs for better inventory levels, rather than in the city where you are working on one level: expensive!

  • Larger Lots. This was mentioned earlier, but it’s worth looking into a bit more: not only are there more lots available in the suburbs, but most of these lots are also generally larger than those within the city because there is more open, free space outside of the city limits. With a larger lot (that will still be less expensive than a smaller lot inside of the city), comes more privacy and a more buildable area.

Larger lots equate to a wider variety of floor plan options, more living space, and plenty of room for a beautiful outdoor area, and you don’t have to worry about city-wide restrictions like buffers–a certain amount of feet (anywhere from 100 to 1,000 feet) between plots.

  • Multi-Family Properties. A larger lot at a better price point is a big draw to suburban living, but the multigenerational pull is also a big factor in moving outside the city. The availability of larger lots allows for a larger footprint, making it easier for families to build an apartment over the garage, or even completely separate living quarters. Ever since COVID-19, there has been a growing portion of home buyers looking to house aging relatives, siblings, and even close friends all on the same lot.

These days it seems there has been a change in the way people understand the concept of home. Where we live is our private sanctuary. We want more space and convenience, so there are fewer reasons to leave our houses, and living in the suburbs gives this opportunity to more people than city life does.

Local Suburbs Worth Checking Out

At T-N-T Moving Systems, we can think of about a million reasons you should move to Charlotte, and a lot of these reasons are not contained within the city limits. As Charlotte’s suburbs are gaining more popularity than ever, and for good reason, each has its own set of unique features that make it desirable and fun. You’re ready to make the move out of the city and into the outskirts, but where to go? Here are a few of our favorite spots outside of the city:

  1. Fort Mill is about eighteen miles from Uptown and has become quite a popular area for families to move. It has a low property tax, great schools, and affordable housing, which continues to attract retirees and newly-formed families from all walks of life. And, with neighborhoods such as Baxter Village, it is not necessary to have to venture into Charlotte for a date night. Plus there are plenty of grocery shopping options, family-friendly festivals, and fun nights out.
  2. Looking for something a little more rural? Off the beaten path? Check out Indian Trail. With beautiful countryside views and backyards that open to clear, blue skies, Indian Trail is quickly growing in popularity. About fifteen miles from Uptown, this is a place to settle down and raise a family (or raise multiple families together). Check out Sun Valley Commons for some great places to eat, drink, and enjoy the slow life. If you are getting tired of the fast-paced living of city life, Indian Trail is the place for you.
  3. Huntersville is known for its great schools, nice and affordable homes, and it’s only twenty minutes from Uptown; Huntersville has been one of Charlotte’s top suburbs for years, and it’s only getting better with time. With the great restaurants and retail of Birkdale Village and the enticing boat life that Lake Norman provides, it’s no wonder people are scrambling to get here. Plus, with the promise of a LYNX transit system running from Charlotte up to Huntersville, it might become the most popular suburb of Charlotte. (Whether you end up living in Huntersville or not, definitely check out Kindred, one of the best locavore restaurants in North Carolina!)
  4. Mount Holly is the perfect area for those who like to keep things active. For those always on the move, looking for that next great hiking spot or river to kayak through, Mount Holly is the home of The U.S. Whitewater Center and Crowders Mountain State Park, which offer plenty of fun for those of any age looking for outdoor activities. Best of all, Mount Holly works on multiple levels: there are trails and camping for the uber-active and some that are more family-friendly.

It’s time to get out of the grind and into the kind the suburb that fits your lifestyle the best. Once you find the area that suits you and your family, call us at T-N-T Moving Systems to get you moved in and ready for your new life.