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Summer season means book early

Without a doubt the busy season for every mover is the summer season.  Rates will increase and availability will decrease.  If you plan to move at the end of the month like most people do, it is important that you book your reservation about 4 weeks in advance.  Especially if you want the last Saturday of the month! There are some companies that overbook and will make that call to you the night before your move to tell you that they are ... Read more

Guaranteed Moving Dates

Imagine moving day comes and the company you hired does not show up.  There can be many "acceptable " excuses but that does not bring comfort to you especially when you have to turn the keys to the house over at the end of the day to the new homeowner. Your larger van lines on long distance moves will give you a window of time (usually about 3 - 5 days) of when they will show up to load and unload your ... Read more

Moving items from the attic

Attic spaces are usually areas of a home that is often overlooked when homeowners are packing and preparing for movers.   We recommend that you bring the items down when you initially begin your packing.   This will allow you to look through everything and sell all unwanted items. Some movers will not go up in the attic if the access point is a pull down ladder.  Our employees will not only go up into spaces like that but they will move items back into the attic ... Read more

No Hourly Minimums

We get many calls from people who need help moving furniture from upstairs to downstairs or from their living room to the garage.  Sometimes they need to refinish their hardwood floors or they need to paint a room inside their  home. Homeowners will tend to try to move their furniture themselves and this is when accidents happen and backs begin to ache.  We make it affordable for our customers to get these tasks done by making a simple phone call. Our local moves ... Read more