No Hourly Minimums

We get many calls from people who need help moving furniture from upstairs to downstairs or from their living room to the garage.  Sometimes they need to refinish their hardwood floors or they need to paint a room inside their  home.

Homeowners will tend to try to move their furniture themselves and this is when accidents happen and backs begin to ache.  We make it affordable for our customers to get these tasks done by making a simple phone call.

Our local moves are charged by the hour and if it only takes 1 hour to complete the job then that is all you get charged for at the hourly rate.  We feel that once you meet our staff and see what they can do,  you will refer us to someone you know who will need our services.

Official Movers of the Carolina Panthers

T-N-T Moving Systems, Inc.
4321-K Stuart Andrew Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28217

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