When Is The Best Time To Move?

Choosing the best time to move can be a challenge. It is often a big time investment, searching for the perfect place to move, packing, and finding time to switch everything over to your new location. T-N-T Moving Systems can help take some of that stress away! For a smooth move call T-N-T Moving System and have someone help you move. But when is the best time to move? Juggling around work schedules, holidays, children’s school schedules it can be a mess!


Moving to a Rental Home in Charlotte

The Best Time to Move

The most popular time to move is in the spring and summer months. Kids are out of school and college students are finishing classes. This makes it a prime time for families to move but it also makes renting price rise. Landlords are piled with rent turnover and experience a high volume of potential renters which allows them to increase rate. The rates for apartments and other renting spaces are often the most expensive during the months from May to September.


The best monthly rates are usually given during the winter months. This is when leasing offices are not busy and landlords are looking for renters.


Pros and Cons of Moving in the Summer

  • ✔️Children and college students are out of school making schedules flexible
  • ✔️Apartment turnover rates are high, so finding an apartment will be easier
  • ✔️Summer special are in, application fees and security deposits maybe be waived or cheaper


  • ✖️Monthly rates are significantly higher in the summer
  • ✖️Apartments are crowded with others looking to rent


Pros and Cons of Moving in the Winter

  • ✔️Monthly rates are at there lowest
  • ✔️Apartments are not busy


  • ✖️Application fees and security deposits maybe higher
  • ✖️May be harder to find availability


Both moving in the summer and the winter both come with the pros and cons, but whichever season you decide to move in T-N-T Moving Systems will help make moving your belongings a breeze. Call 704-523-1455 to schedule your move!