What Does Broom Clean Mean?

You may have seen the term “broom clean” or “broom swept” in real estate contracts. But that doesn’t mean you should just give your home a once over to knock away the cobwebs and collect the pet hair from behind the couch.

Broom clean condition differs for home owners and renters. When moving out of a rental property, the place should be returned to the condition it was when you moved in to it. While there may be some wear and tear, a good cleaning is a step toward ensuring you get your deposit back!

Do your best to any fix alterations you made to the property. Whether you nailed a picture to the wall or installed a curtain rod, think about what your landlord might consider an above-and-beyond repair. Take photos before you leave to document how you left the place.

Broom clean condition has a different meaning when selling a home you own. Broom clean condition is not a requirement for home sellers; however, it is a courtesy to buyers. It’s poor form to leave trash and assorted refuse — old toys, car parts, lawn chairs — for buyers. You don’t want to deal with anybody else’s mess, so why would anyone want to deal with yours?

broom clean

How to clean when you hate cleaning

Most people aren’t too keen on cleaning. It’s a chore made more so when combined with the stress of moving. Start with the big things like getting rid of trash and clutter.

Moving to a new home and is a transitional period in your life and the perfect time to get rid of some things you don’t use anymore. You don’t have to pull together all your donations at once. Have every family member go through their belongings and commit to getting rid of at least five things. Clearing out helps make cleaning up easier.

Clean as you go! When you’re in the shower, scrub the walls. When you’re pilfering the fridge for a late night snack, clean out any old, expired products lurking in the back. When you’re looking for a pen in the desk drawer, go ahead and sort through all those papers you’ve collected. There’s no reason to move things you don’t need.

Set a timer and make a game out of cleaning up. Get the whole family involved. You’d be surprised what you can get done in 10 minutes! Alternately you can vacuum during commercial breaks or put on a podcast and work until the program is done.

How to find the right house cleaning service before your move

Perhaps all the cleaning just isn’t for you. If you decide to hiring a cleaning service, get recommendations from family or friends and sites like Angie’s List or Google Assistant. A perk of using Google Assistant is that is comes with a Google Guarantee. This service protects you if you are not satisfied with the quality of your service.

Do your research before you schedule a cleaning date. Generally, cleaning services charge an hourly rate, but how large (and how messy) a house is will factor in to the cost. Have a list of the things you want the cleaners to do. Maybe you don’t mind dusting baseboards but loathe doing windows.

Ask the company if they run background checks on their employees and what their insurance policies are. Reputable cleaning services should have a form of liability insurance.

Discuss with the cleaning company whether they will bring their own supplies and equipment or if you need to provide these things. The majority of cleaning companies bring their own equipment. Ask about chemicals used. Some companies offer eco-friendly cleaning.

Figure out whether you want your cleaning services done while you are away or while you are at home. Provide cleaners with clear instructions for entry and exit such as gate access code or reminders not to let out the dog.

Finishing touches before you move

You’re packed up and ready to go. There are a few last things before you leave.

Wipe down all the counters and surfaces that you’ve been using right up until the move.

Check all drawers, closets, and cabinets for any items left behind.

Sweep or vacuum any dirt and debris tracked in while loading the truck.

Say goodbye!