TNT Moving Systems: Employee Owned Means End-To-End Moving

End-to-end moving gets your belongings traveling safely in one truck with the same drivers the entire trip.

Todd and Tom, Owners of T-N-T Moving Systems
Todd and Tom, Owners of T-N-T Moving Systems

Unlike other moving companies, T-N-T Moving Systems stands by its fast, efficient service so you can get your life up and running in your new home. That’s why we offer full-service moving no matter where you are going.

What exactly does full-service moving entail?

Full-service moving is great because the movers do all the work for you. And I do mean all. Whether you move locally or far away, we pack, load, and unload all your precious belongings.
There are two types of moves covered by companies offering full-service: Interstate and Intrastate.

T-N-T Moving Systems Charlotte NC

  • Interstate is when you move out-of-state. This type of move requires a special federal license from the FMCSA and DOT.
  • An intrastate move is when your move stays within the same state and only requires a special license depending on the state. Often times, there is no license required for this type of move. But, when you use T-N-T Moving Systems, you do not have to worry about making sure your move is legal because we already have. We are licensed and ready move you intrastate or interstate.

T-N-T Moving Systems is licensed
Tip: Be Certain Your Moving Company Is Licensed!

What most moving companies don’t want you to know.

Have you noticed that most moving companies like to skip over the part of how they transfer your belongings to you? And, because most customers hiring a company to move them are too busy thinking of getting to their new place, they don’t think to ask about the details involved in the process of the move. There is the packing and loading, and arriving and unloading.

But what about the in-between? If you are making an interstate move that requires multiple days of travel, where is your stuff being held? And who’s watching it?

Unless the company you use is employee owned, like T-N-T Moving Systems, your goods are most likely packed in a large truck right along with other people’s belongings.

Yep, these companies like to save time and money by moving multiple people’s things together in one truck. Sure, everything is separated by owner, but it doesn’t take much for things to get mixed up.

Then, after the truck leaves your house heading to the new one it makes a stop to have everything unloaded and packed into another vehicle, such as a train or another truck. What’s so bad about this? Well, the more your stuff is moved in and out of a vehicle, the better the chance of things getting damaged or left behind. This is exactly why at T-N-T Moving Systems we load all your belongings into one large truck and take it right to your new house. If the transfer requires multiple days, our movers stay with your stuff, keeping it safe so there is no chance of anything being damaged, lost, or stolen.

T-N-T Moving Ststems are careful movers
At T-N-T Moving Systems the professional movers who load your belongings are the same individuals who unload it into your new home.

How do you know you can trust the people moving your belongings?

To be honest, if you don’t use an employee owned company, you can’t. At T-N-T Moving Systems the professional movers who load your belongings are the same individuals who unload it into your new home. We do this because when our movers are loading your stuff they are constantly taking mental notes on how to handle various pieces. And they remember the order in which your items were placed in the truck. This means you know the only people handling your items are the trained professionals who packed and loaded it in the first place. That should offer some piece of mind.

Other moving companies, hire out their services to non-professionals who tend to worry more about getting paid than making mental notes on loading and unloading your items. Many times these companies don’t even use the same people to unload your stuff as who packed it to begin with. The chances of your items becoming damaged due to negligence in this situation are pretty high. Moving companies like to do this because it saves them money. They can contract the work out and don’t have to worry about insuring the movers or even training them on best procedures. Just goes to show how little others care for your belongings, doesn’t it? But we at T-N-T know the best way to move someone, whether short or long distances, is to have our trained and insured employees do the work. All the work. Using the same people from end-to-end, so that you know who is moving you, and that they can be trusted to get all your belongings to your new home safe and sound.


Is it important the moving company has its own vehicles rather than renting them?

Absolutely, it is! Why? Because when a moving company decides to save money on the front-end by renting its trucks rather than purchasing them, it’s impossible to know the true quality of the vehicle. Service records may tell when the oil was last changed and when the brake pads were replaced, but what about those unforeseen problems? Those things that begin as a dull sound or glitch in the system can often be ignored or forgotten by the driver. Then when someone else comes along, such as a moving company who likes to cut corners, to rent that vehicle he has no warning of a potential breakdown. And what could be worse than having to wait for your belongings because the rickety rental truck died on its way to your new home? This is yet another reason why employee owned moving companies are better. We purchase and maintain our own trucks, which means we know everything about them. And if we hear a mysterious sound, or simply feel something is not right on one of our trucks, we won’t use it until we are 100% sure it is ready for the road.

You see, at T-N-T Moving Systems we treat your items as if they were our own.

This company was started, not to make money, but to form relationships from which both parties benefit. If you’re not happy, neither are we. That’s why we offer the best insurance for your move, just in case some unforeseen event does arise.

A little about us.

We are a family owned and operated moving company with long-standing relationships with the business community of Charlotte. We have been supporting the Charlotte community for over 19 years. And we are an award winning company and member of the Better Business Bureau.
We also conduct quite a few long-distance moving services, such as:

    • Free estimates of your entire move. Because, why should you pay for an estimate? And, this estimate is based on weight rather than how much time it will take. This benefits you greatly because the price is determined up front, and it remains the agreed upon price no matter how long, or short, the trip is. Our estimates are contracts between our customers and us. And we have never broken a contract.


    • We provide a moving checklist to keep everything you own in order and accounted for. This way nothing gets left behind, because we always double-check our list once everything is neatly placed in your new home. And, our movers will not leave your new home until they know you are completely satisfied with everything.


    • We pack and unpack all your items, even the heavy and awkward to handle ones. We even move pianos!


    • Storage facilities are offered for those transfers that take more than one day. This offers you some extra piece of mind that your stuff is safely packed and held each night in a storage facility only your assigned movers have access to.


    • Need help downsizing? Our movers are trained to help you decide on which items you can do away with. Moving is always a great opportunity to rid yourself of those items you have been hanging on to for a long time, usually for no apparent reason. Let us help you make the necessary purge of belongings.


    • Our movers are also expertly trained to custom crate and pack your belongings. There is no throwing items in boxes, tapping them up, and tossing them into the truck. Everything is handled with care, strategically placed in a box or package, and arranged in the moving truck so that nothing gets crushed or broken.


    • In addition to our expert care of your belongings, we offer boxes, packing paper, and tape. That’s right. You don’t have to worry about finding boxes!


  • All our trucks are clean, maintained, and come with fresh moving pads. We also have all the equipment you will ever need to transfer your items to and from the house and truck.


So why trust anyone else to conduct your move?

Call us at 704-523-1455 and get your free estimate today.


-Andrae Bergeron