Tips on Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Tips on Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Are you a renter? Ever worry about getting back your deposit?

At T-N-T Moving Systems, we know how to handle your move. We can pack, load, and transport your belongings to your new home. We are professional, courtesy, and quick. According to Forbes magazine, Charlotte is a hotspot for buying real estate in 2014. A lot of people in the Charlotte area are transitioning from renter to home owner.  After you hire us as your professional movers, the next thing you might worry about is getting your security deposit back.

Tips on Getting your Deposit Back

In order to ensure that you will get your deposit back, you should plan ahead.

Before you Move In

  1. Don’t Rent from Shady People. Check out your landlord or property management company online before renting. Reviews from past tenants will help determine whether or not the landlord is reputable.
  2. Do a Walk Through. Your landlord and you should walk through the property before you move in and take notes on the condition. Take pictures and thorough notes even if the landlord does not walk through with you. This will ensure that you will not be charged for damage that is already there. If the landlord is absent during the walkthrough, send the itemized list of condition to your landlord as evidence.

While you Live There

  1. Be clean. Treat the property as your own. Don’t let your kids or pets make a mess of it.
  2. Repair things in a Timely Manner. Stay on top of minor repairs.  If something breaks, call your landlord. If you wait and more damage is done in the meantime, you could be liable. Some leases require you to fix minor repairs (less than $100). If you repair something, make a note of it and take pictures. This is evidence of you being a good tenant.

After you Move Out

  1. Know the Law. Each state is different. Reread your lease so that you understand what you agreed to as far as giving notice. In North Carolina, the landlord must return the security deposit within 30 days of the tenant moving out- if the repairs cannot be done in 30 days and interim accounting has to be sent at the 30 day mark and a final one within 60 days.
  2. Clean. You are expected to leave the property in the same condition you got it in. Except for normal wear and tear, a landlord expects the property to be in the same condition. Check out what qualifies as normal wear and tear. Also, consider hiring a cleaning company to help you when you move out.
  3. Document How you left the Place. You should do another walk through with your landlord once all your belongings are moved out. Be sure to bring the itemized list and photos you took during the initial walk through. This way you can prove that the damage was already done. During the walk through, you should ask the landlord if they see anything that would prohibit you from getting your full deposit back. This is your opportunity to discuss the condition of the house.  Give your landlord a forwarding address and ask when you can expect your deposit back.
  4. Fight Back. If your landlord refuses to give your deposit back and you feel like it is unreasonable- do not be afraid to take them to small claims court or hire a lawyer. Security deposits in NC can be up to 2 months rent. That is no small amount. If you have followed these tips, you should have ample evidence to convince a court that you should receive your deposit back.


Kelly Bladl

Google Author and CCP Web Design Writer