Moving in Together?

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Moving in Together?

Merging or consolidating households can be a tricky situation. At T-N-T Moving Systems, we can help by providing excellent moving and storage services. Each person may be attached to certain furniture or their own style. Whether you are moving in with a friend, partner, parent, or your new spouse, making a home together can come with its own challenges. Each party needs to feel at home in the new place. If you are blending your families with your partner, there are even more things to consider. Here are some tips to make the merge as seamless and harmonious as possible.

Discuss Duplicates before the Move. When getting married or moving in with your partner, there are often duplicates of furniture and other equipment. Which bed should go into the master bedroom? What about the couch? Take inventory of all furniture before the move and decide what to keep for your new home. Together. Discuss selling things you don’t need or want, or donate them to a local charity. Give each party’s opinion equal negotiating power.

Consider Storage. Some things just can’t be parted with. In your new place, especially if you are downsizing or moving back home, you might not have room for everything. T-N-T Moving Systems offers storage units at reasonable rates. We can even make two stops on moving day- one to your new home and one to your storage unit.

Two homes into One New Home. If you are moving two existing homes into one new home, discuss same day moving options with your moving company. At T-N-T Moving Systems, we can often move both in the same day. We can load up the first home, and then stop at the other home before reaching the final destination. Planning ahead can save time and money.

Create a Cohesive Style. Creating style in your new home that matches both parties can be challenging. Discuss the possibilities before the move. Think about what furniture will go where in the new home. If you are having a hard time compromising, consider buying new furniture together and selling the old stuff. Consult a third party if style discussions get too contentious or think about hiring an interior decorator. Style is an important element in each person feeling at home in the new place. This can be especially true if one person is moving into another person’s home.

Merging two homes takes additional planning and communication, but in the end result is often worth the trouble. Whether you are moving in the city of Charlotte or out of town, T-N-T Moving Systems can help you with your transition. We offer local and long distance moving services, piano moving, storage, and free estimates.


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