Moving Back Home after College Graduation

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Moving Back Home after College Graduation

So you just graduated college, now what? If you start a career right after obtaining your degree, consider yourself lucky. However, if you are like many college grads, you might be considering moving back in with your parents. T-N-T Moving Systems has helped many graduates make the transition from college life. Whether you are moving on to a new city for an exciting career or moving back home to regroup and figure stuff out, T-N-T are the local movers for you.

Here are some pros and cons to moving back home:

Pro: Rent-free living

This might be the biggest draw to moving back home after college. If your parents are generous enough to let you live rent free, this can really help you financially. You can save money while planning your next move.

Con: Less privacy

This can be the biggest adjustment after living on your own for four years. It may feel like you are back in high school because your parents are likely to want to know where you are and what you’re doing. It can feel like an attack on your independence, but this is part of the cost of living with your folks! Try to humor them and be respectful of their parental concern.

Pro: More time to plan

College can be a whirlwind with exams and deadlines. It’s not always easy to make a plan for the future when you are just trying to finish your degree. Living back home with your parents can give you the break you need to figure out what you want to do next.

Con: Getting into a rut

Moving back home can be a potential trap for your career. It can be easy to fall back into teenage habits. You have to remember you are now college educated. You are an adult and need to live like one. Don’t wait around for your parents to do things for you like make meals or do laundry. Take initiative. Think about living at home as a transition and not a permanent solution.

If you have made the choice to move back home, focus on the positive. You are not alone, many college graduates have made the same decision. Whether you are trying to save money or just need more time to focus on what you want to do, take advantage of the benefits that living at home offers.

T-N-T Moving Systems can help you move back in with your folks and when the time comes, help you relocate to your own place. We offer full moving packages or you can pick and choose our services. For a free quote or more information, call 704-523-1455 or visit our website at