Moving: A Personal Journey

Moving is personal. And many find themselves surprised at the emotions they experience when packing their belongings and leaving a home. The company that sees a family’s personal items as more than just “stuff,” matters.

The owners at T-N-T get it. Owner Tom Tulowiecki says, “We train our staff to be sensitive to people’s feelings. It matters.”

Tom Tulowiecki and fellow owner Todd Koepke agree and say they’ve seen it all. “People are often moving because of sudden changes in jobs or even due to a death in the family.” That’s why Tom and Todd still speak with each customer personally. “We don’t have an answering service that returns calls. All these years and it’s still us. We call everyone back.”

T-N-T has landed some big accounts over the years, including corporate accounts, but at the heart of their business they still want to serve the everyday individuals. Moving families means a lot to them and the staff at T-N-T.

And the staff is a key to T-N-T’s success. Low turnover has translated in to commitment to the company and its core values of service to individuals. The staff at T-N-T is a group of long-term, caring professionals who truly feel they are a part of a helping team.

Staying tuned in to the emotional roller coaster individuals and families are on during a move helps the staff at T-N-T best serve their needs. When a family is experiencing big changes the last thing they need to worry about is the logistics of getting packed, moved and set up in a new home.

Corporate moves can be personal too. And T-N-T understands that in today’s economy staff members who are put in charge of a corporate move may be over taxed and under pressure. That’s why part of T-N-T’s job is to remain calm!

“We stay calm so our clients don’t have,” jokes Koepke. Koepke goes on to say that not everyone is nervous, or tense, but if they are, that’s ok. They can handle it.

Helping get individuals, families and even companies through transitions and all the bumps in the road are the things that T-N-T enjoys about their work. They like seeing themselves as helpers and pride themselves on listening to needs and responding.

Planning a move? Call T-N-T for the best services available. Visit T-N-T’s website at or call Tom and Todd at 704-523-1455.

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