How to Make Room for Thanksgiving

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How to Make Room for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and you drew the short straw- Thanksgiving Dinner will be at your house. One nice thing about hosting Thanksgiving is you get to stay put and not drive or fly anywhere. However, the stress of hosting can be just as tiring as traveling.

Hosting Thanksgiving can be a blessing and a curse. Here are some tips on Making Room for your Thanksgiving crowd:

Move your Dining Room to your Living Room. If you live in a small space or don’t have a dining room, the best option is to move your table into your living room. This will give everyone plenty of space for the main event- dinner. Start by removing flip flopping your dining furniture with your living room furniture. Next, move small furniture into a bedroom to make even more space. If your couch and chairs won’t fit in your dining space, consider using them as part of the seating at the table.

Invent more places to eat. Turn your coffee table into the kids’ table or put stools around your kitchen island. Adding the leaf to the dining table is a no brainer, but also consider adding another table at the end. Use a large table cloth to join the tables together.

Put the Bar Outside of the Kitchen. If your family likes a little alcohol with their turkey dinner, then put a makeshift bar away from the kitchen. Your guests can make themselves a drink while you are putting the final touches on dinner. Use a bookshelf- remove the books and knickknacks and replace with glasses. Place an ice bucket or cooler nearby.

Decorate Upward. Instead of using precious table space for a large centerpiece- consider decorating above the table. Use string light around the ceiling to set the mood or hang fall decorations from the lighting fixture.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather friends and family. Even if your place is small, you can make room for everyone following these tips. And if you need help rearranging heavy items, call TNT Moving Systems. We can help you move large items anytime of the year!