How to have a Successful Yard Sale

Charlotte Moving Company TipsHow to have a Successful Yard Sale

At T-N-T Moving Systems, we recommend that our clients purge before they move. We suggest donating or selling your unwanted stuff before you start packing to save on space, time and money! But how does one go about making sure the effort of doing a yard sale is worth it? Can you actually make money by selling your crap?

Yard Sale Tips:

Determine the Purpose. Is it worth it, is the first thing to ask yourself. If you are just trying to get rid of junk or old stuff, a yard sale is too much work. Honestly- just take your old stuff to a charity and collect your tax deduction. If you are trying to make lots of money, a yard sale is not the right venue. Average profits from yard sales are about $300-$700.
Advertise. Getting people to come to your yard sale is the top priority! There are several free ways to advertise your yard sale: social media, craigslist, signs, and word of mouth. Since newspaper subscriptions are down, sometimes it’s not worth advertising there. Advertise your yard sale with pics on Craigslist in the Garage Sale category under the “For Sale” section. Post on Facebook and tell your friends and family to stop by. Make flyers to post on community boards at grocery stores and other retailers.
Signs. Signs should be put up the day before or early on the day of the yard sale. Make sure signs are legible and simple. Be sure to include arrows to direct people to your sale! Use something sturdy like foam board or cardboard in order to withstand wind. After you place your signs, drive by them again to make sure they are easy to read and direct your customers clearly.
Prices. Be realistic about what you’re selling: used goods. Price things with room to haggle. Make sure everything is clearly labeled- put the price tag on top rather than on the bottom. Or mark boxes and tables with prices. Offer deals like DVDs $2 each of 3 for $5. Have a box of FREE stuff close to the curb- it will draw passersby. Also, put the more desirable things and big ticket items closer to the road.
Other Tips. Planning ahead will save you time and frustration. Go to the bank and get enough change for the day. Make sure there is plenty of parking in front of your house. Let your neighbors know you are having a yard sale. Keep the money on you or near you the whole time. Make a plan for what to do with unsold items. If you are moving, the best thing might be just to donate the stuff or offer for free to friends and family.
Yard sales can be fun and profitable, but they are definitely hard work. If possible coordinate with friends, family or even your church and organize a large sale. Get your kids involved with a lemonade stand or bake sale. Remember that your goal is to purge your belongings before the move and make a little extra cash.