Best Tracking Devices 2019 – Review by T-N-T Moving Systems Charlotte

Remember that sinking feeling when you realize your pet, child, wife or parent is missing from your site? Even if it’s just for a few minutes, the worst images flash through your mind. Now imagine that your missing someone is in a new city, house or neighborhood. In these instances, a tracking item would instantly solve this problem. 

In the age of technology, there are many tracking products with GPS capabilities that can instantly connect your smartphone to your most important possessions.

Moving is a busy time filled with distractions that you don’t normally have in your day. It’s easy to lost people, keys, and pets while unpacking a box, or talking to a vendor. Knowing exactly where your three most important possessions are priceless!

Charlotte ranks well for safety, but you never know when you might misplace your car keys, or when your pets or children might wander off to an unfamiliar area; being able to keep tabs on these three things is vital.

At T-N-T Moving Systems, we see these things happen all the time! As much as we try to help you keep track of your family and possessions, we can’t watch everything, especially your kids! Here are some of the tracking opportunities we think would help our clients the most:


GPS Tracking Devices

Tracking Your Car Keys

People lose their keys all the time! There are many electronic tracking solutions to this problem; some show their location on your phone with GPS, and some can simply connect with your phone and start ringing, leading you to your keys, wallet, or other small items with a sound. On a busy day filled with errands and different commitments, losing something like your keys can put a huge damper on your day, especially when you’re just getting used to a new area. No one wants to be late to their very first doctor’s appointment or their child’s very first soccer game over something as insignificantly significant as your car keys.

Tracking Your Children

These little guys are always excited by our moving trucks. They run in and out of doors propped open and before you know it, they are off exploring a new area. Until your child is adjusted to their new surroundings, a tracking device could help everyone in the family! Knowing where your child is and where your child is going is the baseline of every parent’s sanity, and having the ability to do that in an area that is new to all of you can be incredibly reassuring. By tracking the location of your children, you have the comfort of knowing that your child has made it to school, home, practice, a friend’s house, or wherever he or she may be going, safely.

Nothing is worse for a parent than losing track of your children. Not only do child locators help when your child is on their own, but more importantly when you are with them in a public setting, such as the grocery store or the park.

In a place as busy and stimulating as the park or the store, it is easy for your child to get distracted and wander off into an unknown space full of strangers. Instead of running through aisles and groups of people looking for your child, you can calmly look at the location of your child on your phone and find them with much more ease and certainty. Having the peace of mind of always being able to take your child out into public with the security of always knowing where they go can make running errands or going out much more care-free.

Tracking Your Furry Friends

Having pets, especially in a new area, can prove more difficult than anticipated when moving. They are in an environment they are not familiar in giving them the interest to explore, and sometimes run off. Chasing your pets around a brand-new neighborhood can take hours, but a with a GPS tracker that connects directly to your pet’s collar makes it possible to locate your pet on your phone. These simple but very effective GPS trackers give you the overwhelming comfort of getting an incredibly precise location of where they are. By being able to locate your loved ones more efficiently, you can save loads of time and worry that would be spent searching otherwise.

Different pets can also have different trust levels; for example, outdoor cats or dogs that like to roam off leash during walks. This can prove risky for them in unfamiliar surroundings, but with the ability to create safe spaces around your house that will notify you whenever your pet leaves give you the reassurance of always knowing your pet is alright, without putting a damper on their habits and lifestyle.

Think about how nice being able to unwind on a run with your dog, or knowing that your outdoor cat will be safe in whatever environment it is placed in, and what that comfort will do to help you and your family create normalcy in your new home and neighborhood.

Product Features

There are many different types of locators in the market that make this possible, ranging from different price points and functionalities. Both noise and GPS locators will lead you straight to your misplaced items, pets, or children with alarming accuracy and simplicity.

At T-N-T Moving Systems, our focus is on the comfort of our movers when relocating to different regions, and the ability to keep track of the things that hold indescribable value to our customers is just as important to us as it will be for you.

Tracking devices for your car keys, children, and dogs come in a wide variety and offer a huge range of functions. It can be challenging to sift through all of the options online, so we did some of the work for you!

Some of the main functions for most of these tracking devices include:

  • Small convenient designs that digitally connect to your smartphone
  • The ability to create “safe spaces” for your children and pets, which will alert you when they leave the space
  • SMS alerts directly to your phone with specific locations of each of your items
  • Ability to customize and name your items and pets, so you never get them mixed up
  • The ease of knowing where all of your most important belongings are

Recommended Products

With so many different options to choose from, here are some tracking devices to consider when planning to move in or out of the Charlotte area that we find will suit all of your tracking needs:

This Pet Tracker is the first to not require an additional yearly service fee, making it one of the most affordable pet trackers on the market. This pet tracker works without cell phone coverage, meaning that you can access your maps and track your pets from virtually anywhere. In denser regions, such as Charlotte, it will locate your pets with a ½ mile range. It is both shock and waterproof, and can be switched to different functions such as ‘hiking’, ‘walking’, and ‘at home safe’ with different battery lives for each setting.

Trackimo makes GPS trackers for almost all of your needs, including pet trackers, wearable trackers for children, your vehicles, and even your drones. The prices vary drastically between trackers, but the prices for the pet and children trackers are listed at $139 and $198.90 respectively, with both including a yearly service fee. Both give you real-time tracking of your pet or child. The pet tracker gives the ability to create a barrier around a certain area that will notify you when your pet crosses that line. The child tracker gives you the ability to view the entire path that your child has taken, making finding them even more hassle-free.

Tile has become one of the biggest brands in tracking your car keys, and now with their newest product, the Tile Pro, it has reached the strength to be able to track your pets as well. Tile is one of the most widely used trackers for your car keys, which when hooked up to your smartphone sets an alarm off on whatever the Tile is connected to so you can find your keys by sound. The Tile Pro has the loudest ring of any of the Tiles, which has a range of up to 300 feet making it possible to now track your pets using this product.  Prices for different Tiles range from around $30 up to $180 for a pack of eight trackers. This product can satisfy a bunch of different needs, from keeping track of your child’s favorite toy to tracking your wallet, keys, or electronics.

This child tracker makes keeping track of your child’s location both more fun and interactive than most other options. This tracker is one of the only interactive smartwatch trackers for children. This child locator has other functions that make this device comparable to an Apple Watch for kids. With a step counter, the ability to receive calls and texts from up to 50 contacts, and an emergency-call function, your child can play until their hearts are content, while you get the peace of mind of knowing that they are safe. This is by far one of the most interactive and functional child locators on the market, making something as simple as a GPS tracker something that your kids can also thoroughly enjoy.

This key locator is a cheaper alternative to the Tile and has the added features of LED lights connected so you can both see and hear your lost items. Like many of the other products, you can interchange the functions to help locate other things, such as your pets. Coming in a color-coded set of four, the Esky makes finding multiple things much easier. You can track your whole households’ keys, or be able to easily spot your pets wandering at night. Since it is so inexpensive and easy to use, this can be a very effective product for multiple tracking needs. It comes with a remote control that has a range of 98 feet, so as it is not as effective in range as the others, it is the most cost-efficient alternative in tracking things in denser areas, such as Charlotte.

Establishing a new home for you and your family is stressful enough as is, so the freedom to track exactly where your car keys, your children, and your pets drastically help alleviate some of those worries. Even if you don’t like any of the devices that we reviewed, we encourage you to invest some tie and money in finding devices that work for your family. For more advice on moving, check out our monthly blog at the T-N-T Moving Systems Website!