Are you Moving into a Haunted House?

Charlotte Movers

TNT Moving Systems has over 20 years’ experience moving clients into new homes. But have we ever come across a haunted house? Have there ever been unexplainable events happen while moving someone in or out of their home? Well, not exactly.

“We have moved in and out of Charlotte, and have come across some spooky things,” says Todd Koepke, co-owner of TNT Moving Systems. “But I’m not sure if anything has been supernatural. It’s usually one of the guys playing a prank.”

Haunted Places in Charlotte

If you have seen the first season of American Horror Story, then you might be inclined to believe certain houses can be haunted. And Charlotte has a lot of well-known haunted houses.

The Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte is known to be one of the creepiest. It’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in Charlotte and many of its establishments are thought to be haunted. The Cajun Queen restaurant on 7th St. is said to be visited by an old female ghost. Restaurant worker dispute about whether or not the ghost is friendly.

Uptown Charlotte has its own ghost stories. The Carolina Theater was constructed in 1927. Different caretakers of the theater over the years have reported seeing people in the balcony or on the stage when the theater was empty. The Dunhill Hotel is also a spot where paranormal researchers visit when they come Charlotte. Employees of the hotel often get the chills or a strange feeling in certain rooms.

Latta Plantation is just outside of Charlotte near Huntersville, NC. It is now a historical site where vistors can go on a guided tour. Tour guides have said they’ve hear sounds of children playing and running in the attic of the old house.

Of course, all of these stories are just stories and hardly verifiable. But if you are looking for a scare this Halloween, consider checking out these haunted places in Charlotte.

And if you are convinced your current home is haunted and in need of evacuation- call us for a quote. We will move you to a new safe home! For free estimates, call us at 704-523-1455.