6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

You’re sure to have a number of questions when planning a move. Thankfully, there’s a moving company with answers!

Moves can be stressful, chaotic, and overwhelming. Sometimes it’s best to lean on those with experience when undergoing such a challenge. That’s why we reached out to Todd Koepke — a moving professional and one of the owners of T-N-T Moving Systems — for insight on how to answer some of the most pressing questions people have when moving homes.

6 Questions To Ask When You're Moving from T-N-T Moving Systems

Let’s discuss six questions to ask yourself before calling a moving company for a quote:

1. Am I Ready for My Move?

This is arguably the most critical question to answer before embarking on a big move. Preparation is key, and while you can hire a moving company, they’ll only be able to make the relocation as easy as you allow it. Take it from Todd:

“The most important part of moving is the prep work, organization, and game plan before we ring the doorbell. As long as the game plan is in order, you’ll have an easy transition into your new home.”

Having a moving company show up while you’re still boxing your items, cleaning your laundry, and deciding what goes in your throw-away pile not only slows down your process; it can jeopardize your entire move! As Todd said, having a game plan in order is crucial to a smooth transition. But what exactly is a good game plan?

A solid relocation plan typically includes an array of tasks, but here are a few tips and tricks you can employ to ensure you’re ahead of the curve:

  • Create a checklist. Checklists will help you stay on top of what’s needed and prevent important tasks from being lost in the chaos typically associated with moves. Tasks like coordinating with mail forwarding services are often forgotten and that can be prevented with a good list.
  • Craft a moving budget. Having a budget to operate within can both save costs and allow you to know how much you can spend on preparation.
  • Clean and declutter your space. It’s hard to organize anything when you’re starting with more! Choosing what to let go of and cleaning in the process streamlines any move.
  • Label your boxes! Labeling boxes makes unpacking much easier. Describing the contents of the container is a start, but labeling each box by the specific room it will go in will streamline the moving process.


2. What’s the Ideal Timeline for My Move?

“The first step is to take a look at your timeline … things can change really quickly.” — Todd Koepke

Having a proper vision for when your move begins and subsequently ends is vital (a sentiment echoed by Todd). Changes are guaranteed to come throughout a move, and timelines are essential.

A good timeline should also start well before calling a moving company. Some experts recommend as early as seven weeks before the desired move date to properly go through your things and choose what you’ll take to the new home.

3. Do You Know About the Area I’m Moving From/To? 

Having a mover that can serve as a local guide and resource is vital. Those with local knowledge know which roads to take, can connect you with the necessary resources for your new home, and offer a local and familiar attitude a contracted company may not.

T-N-T Moving Systems takes local knowledge to the next level. They offer area guides for the entire Charlotte area that include everything from resources on local utility providers to what restaurants and attractions are best in each part of the city. If you’re a member of one of the many families moving to the growing Charlotte area, you won’t find a better, more welcoming team than T-N-T Moving Systems!

4. Will The Mover Make a Personal Home Visit Before Quoting My Move?

“Coming out and taking a look is important for an effective moving process.” — Todd Koepke

While we can’t answer for all moving companies, we know how T-N-T Moving Systems handles moves for their customers. Here’s what Todd had to say about T-N-T’s quoting process when asked this question:

“We of course will go out and see what you want us to provide and what you’re looking for personally. We know every move is different, so visiting the client for a quote is absolutely vital.”

There’s no lie there! Every move is wildly different. The location, style of your house, distance to your driveway, and countless other factors shape a move and can add unexpected obstacles if you’re not prepared for them beforehand.

Having a moving company visit your house for a quote addresses many of the questions we’ve touched on so far. A good quote can help guide your budget, and knowing what your unique moving process entails helps movers develop their own game plan.

You might wonder, “Do I have to get a quote in person before the move? What’s stopping me from booking online?”

While online booking seems to be standard for our modern world, there are some fields where its perceived convenience can cause more harm than good. Take, for example, your movers arrive and aren’t aware of the width of your hall — or the fact that your sidewalk has several uneven cracks. Your movers can prepare for those issues, but they must know about them in advance. Todd speaks further to the dynamic of online booking and the moving process:

“It’s tough to just book a move online without having someone in person to take a look at the process. Technology is an important step in making things easier, but in the moving process, the lack of a personal touch can set you up for disaster.”

5. Is the Moving Company I Want To Hire Insured, Licensed, and Bonded? 

It’s essential to ask this question before hiring a moving company. You want to confirm the company is qualified and insured when it comes to loading, transporting, and unloading your valuable belongings. Otherwise, it could spell serious trouble for your move!

T-N-T is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Most importantly, they’re trusted in their community and are even recognized as the official movers for the Carolina Panthers.

6. What Sets T-N-T Moving Systems Apart?

The moving industry is a long-established and thriving one. Naturally, many competitors have cropped up to rival small, locally owned businesses like T-N-T Moving Systems.

A few things set T-N-T apart and allow them to flourish in a market with increasingly fierce competition. They’ve been working in the community for more than 19 years, leading to countless interactions with customers who are satisfied and comfortable in their new homes. Don’t take it from us; you can see for yourself some of the reviews they’ve accrued!

We have completed four moves with TNT in the past year between 2 homes and storage units and we could not have asked for a better team to work with. All of our moves went very well from the personal care of our items to the efficiency of the team to the extra mile they were willing to go to assist with items once in the home. These guys are professionals in every way and we had a wonderful moving experience with their assistance. We highly recommend TNT, they have done an incredible job of the 4 moves we had (house/storage) in the past year. Highly recommend!

Folks don’t hire T-N-T Moving Systems multiple times for no reason. They do it because T-N-T is more than just a moving company! Todd touched briefly on the direction of the moving world and what distinguishes them from competitors:

“Our industry has gotten jaded, contracting out, temp labor, 1-800 numbers, the Walmarts of moving — we’re not that. We’re full-time, and we create a process that’s as intimate and personal as possible. We have a full-time staff that’s experienced in creating the perfect move. 

Another Google review captured this sentiment best:

“You may find a cheaper “Johnny come lately”, but you will be buying a lot of new replacement furniture. Bag the rest and hire the BEST!” — Matthew

Todd and Matthew are exactly right. Some moving companies view the families they’re moving as the next assignment, contract out work, and call it a day. That’s not what anyone deserves when relocating their precious belongings!

Todd’s quote also answers another important question to ask when moving. “Will my items be transferred to another party along the way? Do you subcontract your moves?”

While we’ve answered this for T-N-T, the importance of this question when hiring another moving company is hard to overstate. You want to meet and know the people who will be handling your belongings.

It’s one thing to talk to a broker on the phone — someone who will call up the movers and send them out. It’s another to talk to the people who will be planning and executing your relocation. And while it may cost a bit more to hire those who are involved in every step of the process, the quality and care you receive is unrivaled!

Get A Quote With T-N-T Moving Systems Today! 

Now that your moving questions have been answered, the only question left is: “Why wait?” Call and get a quote from T-N-T Moving Systems today, and see why they’re clearly the moving company you should hire!