5 Places to Get Boxes for FREE!

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5 Places to Get Boxes for FREE!

You are getting ready for your big move! You might be asking where to get boxes in Charlotte? Moving can be expensive. If you are relocating for your job, sometimes your company will pay all your moving expenses (Lucky you!). But if it is on your own dime, you’ll want some cheap ways to move.

At TNT Moving Systems, we do not recommend going with cheap movers. With all the moving scams out there- cheap movers will cost you more than you think. From damage to your property to holding your stuff hostage for more money, cheap movers can be sketchy. Go with a reputable mover- like TNT Moving Systems- or any mover that meets these requirements.

A big way to save money on your move is with free boxes. Here are 5 places to get boxes for free:

  1. Craigslist! You may be surprised that we suggest craigslist for boxes since we always warn against using Craigslist to find movers. However, craigslist is great for boxes! A lot of people who have just moved want to get rid of their boxes. They will put them outside and you can just stop by.
  2. Grocery stores. A lot of you may know you can get boxes from grocery stores- but do you know which type to ask for? Produce boxes, like apple and banana boxes, are often the best for moving because they have lids. Also, always call ahead to ask for boxes.
  3. Liquor stores. These boxes usually have lids and sometimes are separated compartments- which make them great for packing glasses and knickknacks. Again, always best to call ahead.
  4. Office Supply Stores. Or your own office. Paper boxes are the best- no not boxes made from paper. Boxes that hold reams of paper. These sturdy boxes come with lids and are usually the perfect size for packing up books.
  5. Fast Food Restaurants. Most fast food places get their food shipped in boxes. Fry boxes from McDonalds are a great size. But be careful, the boxes will smell like fries!

Remember, TNT Moving Systems also sells boxes and all types of moving supplies. But if you are wanting to save a little money and do the packing yourself- nothing beats free boxes.

TNT Moving Systems are Charlotte movers that have been in business for over 20 years. We are the official movers of the Carolina Panthers, so we know a thing or two about lifting heavy equipment. Call us for a free moving quote 704-523-1455 or click here.