• Moving in the spring can be a significant cost saver and a convenience factor because moving companies like T-N-T Moving Systems will have more dates available and will be juggling fewer customers!

    By Published On: January 10, 2013
  • Common Moving Frauds to Watch Out For in 2013 The 2002 U.S. Census Bureau estimated that Americans move roughly every 5 years on average. Older people tend to move less than younger. Compared to other personal services like dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, home repair, etc., moving is a service that most people don’t book very often. Even if a person was familiar with the process from a move 5 years ago, there are more than likely new rules, charges, and technology that it pays to be aware of to keep one safe from fraud. T-N-T Moving Systems offers information and advice on the following most common moving scams: 1. Flat Rates Moving companies, like T-N-T Moving, charge by the pound. A reputable moving company will request an estimate of the weight of your items, and then will charge based on that number. If a company asks you to fork over a large amount up front, especially if they require cash only, they are probably not legitimate. 2. New Company Name

    Some moving companies have been known to change their name if they receive a complaint or start to be questioned. Look into how long the company has been operating, or check to see if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau. You can also check to see if the company has an actual, physical address. Many moving companies will bury a physical address on the website, but when you arrive at that address there’s nothing but an empty parking lot or an abandoned building. 3. Hidden Fees

    All legitimate moving companies may have certain fees depending on the type of move or particular circumstances such as stairs or a difficult walking environment. T-N-T Moving and other legitimate companies will always be upfront about these fees, and they will be small.

    Some companies try to fool their customers by hiding small fees in a complicated contract. Always ask a moving company for a list of all the charges up front, and never pay without being certain of the total price. The best way to avoid a moving day scam is to keep yourself well-informed of the process and do your research before you hire a company. If you’re looking for a great moving company that wants to help you have a safe and pleasant move, please check out T-N-T Moving for local, long distance, or piano moving!

    By Published On: January 1, 2013