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  • T-N-T Moving Systems – Tips on How to Move a Gun Safe

  • How to Move a Gun Safe (or any big safe)

    How To Move A Gun Safe by T-N-T Moving Systems, Charlotte NC

    Gun Safes can be one of the most difficult things to move to a new home. They are heavy- they can weigh over 1500 lbs! Thankfully, the professionals at T-N-T Moving Systems can handle it. We specialize in moving big stuff -like pianos and safes. Recently, we did a search on the Best Way to Move a Gun Safe. We were pleased that most of the chat room forums agreed that the best way to move a heavy gun safe is to let the professional do it.

    The Right Equipment

    Having the right equipment is essential to moving a safe safely (no pun intended). T-N-T has the right sized dolly and straps for any safe. We also move pianos, so we know how to maneuver large items. We have the right truck with a steel ramp that can hold the weight of the safe during transition.  As one participant on xdtalk.com suggests, “I would definitely hire someone else to move it. They will have the proper tools and will take on the responsibility if it gets damaged or someone gets hurt.”


    The manpower needed depends on the size and weight of the safe. It may be tempting to call your biggest buddies over to help you move your gun safe, but the cheap price of a couple beers can quickly turn into medical expenses. A participant on the Civilian Marksmanship Program website recalls a bad experience, “It was a real heavy safe and when I got it a friend of mine and myself moved it down to the basement and lost it sliding it down the stairs. It almost caught my ankle.” Moving a gun safe improperly can quickly lead to injury. T-N-T has the manpower to move anything.

    The Know How

    Experience is the best teacher. T-N-T Moving Systems has over 19 years experience moving for the Charlotte community. We have helped clients move their gun safes to their new homes without incident. Before moving your safe, we will ensure that is empty and we will remove the door. The door removal reduces the weight because the door is often the heaviest part, and it also makes it easier to maneuver around corners and through doorways of your home. We have learned through experience the best practices in moving gun safes, pianos, and other heavy items.

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    Kelly Bladl,
    CCP Web Design Staff Writer and Google Author


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