From Summer Sanctuary to Fall Haven: How to Seamlessly Switch Over to Your Fall Home Decorations

Decoration Packing Tips

It’s that time of year! Hot pumpkin spice lattes are replacing cold summer treats, and you’re starting to transition from short-sleeves and shorts to sweaters and pants. Though the crisp weather and beautiful foliage alone are enough to make autumn a special season, you can make the next few months even cozier by decking your home out with festive decorations!

If you find inspiration along the way, making a plan for your decorations can be every bit as fun as the work. And there’s more to the process than simply ordering a new candle or wreath online. If you want to make it an experience and turn your home into a bonafide festive fall haven, then consider these ideas from T-N-T Moving Systems for packing up your old decorations, creating fall crafts, preparing your home for Thanksgiving, and more!


General Decoration Packing Tips

Before you bring autumn into your living space, you have to make room. Here are a few practical steps you can take to pack up your summer decorations:


Categorize Items

As you’re taking your decorations down, try to keep the items organized into groups. For example, some people like to keep all of their kitchen decorations in the same category so that it is easier when they get their decorations from storage the following year. Or you can group like items together, such as putting all your table runners, seasonal crafts, and other textiles in the same box. However you choose to do it, just keep in mind that the whole purpose is to make unpacking and decorating a simpler process the next time around.


Pare Down

Downsizing your belongings does not have to be relegated to when you are moving homes. Decorations are something that can pile up easily over time. So, when you pack up your summer decorations, think about any items that you can get rid of to make room in your storage unit for newer décor that you might enjoy more. After all, one can only have so many faux plants and string lights! Take this opportunity to pare down your décor, keeping only those items that you are crazy about or that hold sentimental value.


Label Boxes

If you have been moving your seasonal decorations in and out of storage for some time now, you might already do this. But if not, this is the year to start labeling your boxes! Each time you fill a box with your summer decorations, put a label on it that clearly indicates what is inside. If you want to be extra thorough, put a list of each item on the outside of the box. You might be surprised by how easily you can forget what each box and storage bin holds after a year of not needing it.


Getting the Essentials from Storage

Once you have your summer decorations packed up, it’s time to swap them out for your fall decorations in storage.



Since you are redecorating your home for the autumn season, your first priority will be to retrieve any decorations that fit the bill. If you labeled your boxes last year, this will probably be pretty easy! If not, however, just be sure to take out everything that could go with the fall theme. You may even realize that you have some decorations that you are not fond of anymore; nonetheless, take them out of storage so that you can give them away, sell them, or discard them.

A good rule of thumb is to look for anything orange—orange signs, orange leaves, and pumpkins are a reliable indicator that fall décor is in close proximity!



Once you have your decorations loaded up, find the fall clothes you have stored away. You’re not going to be cozy without those comfortable sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, lightweight jackets, and jeans. This is also an excellent opportunity to get rid of any clothes that are no longer your choice in fashion so that you can make room for other things.


Lawn Equipment

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your lawn maintenance responsibilities are altogether gone. Unless you live in an area with no trees, you’re probably going to need to do your fair share of raking as more and more leaves fall through the autumn season. Of course, your kids can have a lot of fun destroying all of those leaf piles you worked so hard to organize!

Along with your rakes, don’t leave without taking your snow removal equipment, leaf blowers, shovels, and any other items that will help you keep your property clean and attractive.


Fall Decorating Ideas

So, you switched out all your summer and fall decorations from storage. Now, it’s time to take inventory of the items you are working with and explore new ideas that you can incorporate into your living environment:


The Kitchen

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens when the cooler weather hits. Whether you are baking as a hobby or cooking meals for the whole family, strategizing how you will decorate your kitchen for fall might be the most enjoyable part of the entire seasonal decorating experience. Take stock of the items you have, and do some digging online to find ways you can repurpose them. Also, explore budget-friendly décor that might be worth purchasing.

For example, fall is the perfect season for showcasing specialty dishes with your meals; pumpkin-shaped bowls and leaf-shaped plates can make your hot meals cozier than ever. But you can also make some small-scale changes to bring some fall magic into your home. Use waffle knits for your dish towels, and throw on an orange and black buffalo plaid tablecloth to bring the season into your family get-togethers. Let’s not forget how leaving out some candy corn and other fall candies can make anyone feel welcome in your living space!

As with any season, incorporating fall centerpieces into your design can go a long way in making your home the most festive home on the block. You can do this in a number of ways—from loading your counters with various pumpkins and gourds to crafting your own fall mum bouquets to sprinkling cotton stems around your mason jar decorations that are filled with twinkle lights. Make sure to fill your home with the scent of the season by investing in new fall hand soaps and candles, along with brewing the occasional simmer pot!


Throughout the Home

While your kitchen is a critical element in your fall home décor, you also need to think about the rest of your living space. The goal is to get the fall vibes no matter where you are or what you are doing. As with the kitchen, pumpkins and gourds are fall staples that can easily transform the environment; going with a mixture of orange, white, green, full-sized, and mini pumpkins and gourds is ideal. If you have a mantel, pumpkins are practically a requirement!

Just like you would be adding some layers to your wardrobe this season, you will want to layer your fall decorations. Be generous with the chunky knit blankets and plush throw pillows that can push your cozy movie time over the top.

If you are trying to maintain some of your home’s existing style, you can make a fall statement without completely transforming your interior design. For example, maybe you can replace some of your artwork, signs, or jars with pieces in seasonal colors and patterns rather than simply adding more decorative items to your space. It’s hard to go wrong with fall neutral colors like ivory and burnt orange, and the occasional touch of maroon or navy can add some boldness to your autumn décor. And it’s worth noting that a nice fall candle can enhance any room.


DIY Craft Projects

Whether you want to save money or simply take a more active role in your fall decorating experience, creating your own crafts can be an excellent way to dive into the season. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas that will allow you to incorporate your personality while holding true to classic fall themes:


Wreaths and Garlands

Nothing can bring in a season quite like a cozy, magical wreath! See if you have any colorful felts lying around the house, and combine them with some vines to make for a vibrant fall wreath. Or, consider making a wreath out of red, orange, black, and brown fabric.

If you want to go in more of an elegant direction, make a wreath out of a wooden embroidery hoop, painted miniature pumpkins and gourds, and faux foliage; you can get all these items at your local craft store. Moreover, consider making a real garland with some yarn and dried leaves from your yard, and top it off with a plaid ribbon bow!


Mason Jars

Chances are mason jars are not a new idea to you. But there is much more you can do with these versatile decorative items than simply filling them with acorns or pinecones. For example, consider turning your mason jars into candle holders. Use a reverse stencil method to paint your jars while leaving a leaf-shaped window that will showcase each candle’s flame. Using various shades of milk paint can add a pleasant softness to the craft.

If you want a fun project to do with your kids, simply give your kids a few jars with some orange and white paint, and let them go to town! You can take this in any direction you like, but it’s hard to go wrong with polka dots, stripes, and festive icons like leaves and pumpkins.


Wood Planks

If you are going for a farmhouse look, look no further than wood planks. You can easily create a beautiful wall hanging with a few pre-cut boards or scraps that you have in the garage. Give the plank a whitewash-style paint job to bring out the wood grain, and stencil a pumpkin in to bring the fall feels.

If you’re itching to get the color orange involved, consider turning one of your rectangular planks into a stand-alone pumpkin. Simply glue a broken tree branch to the top of the plank, tie some straw and green leaves around the stem, and paint the plank in a distressed orange look; putting in subtle touches of white won’t hurt either!


Holiday-Specific Decorations

We’ve discussed some decorative elements you can add to your home that go along with a general fall theme. But if you are preparing to host guests for Halloween or Thanksgiving, you might want to make some extra efforts. While you may be tempted to rely on decorations that are relevant from September through November, you don’t want to miss out on the fun you can have by incorporating some extra-seasonal items that invoke holiday cheer.

For example, when you’re making your wreaths, consider making one for the fall season, one specifically for Halloween, and one for Thanksgiving so that you can always make a statement from your front door. Think of spooky elements you can add to your living space, whether it’s spreading fake cobwebs around your furniture, dangling a plastic spider from a couple of your door frames, or finding a place for that faux skeleton that gives everyone in your family the creeps!

If hosting Thanksgiving dinner is on your agenda, make sure your kitchen and dining areas are up to the task. Researching online ahead of time is the best way to prepare. There are many different directions you can go, and there is no shortage of budget-friendly items to help you accomplish your goals. Play around with different ways that you can style the table, find the perfect tablecloth, and look for any other decorative items that can make your Thanksgiving table welcoming and warm.



The weather has shifted, which means it is time for your home decorations to do so as well. Be sure to strategize how you will pack up all your summer decorations to move them to storage. Get all the fall decorations, clothing, and equipment you have stored away, and get rid of anything that you will no longer use.

Finally, consider all the autumn and holiday decorating ideas above, and take the time to scour the internet for any other ideas that may spark inspiration. Most of all, make sure that your family stays safe and makes this fall season your best yet!

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