Best Pet Care While Moving In Charlotte

If you’re moving to or from the Charlotte area, there are a plethora of services to consider. There is so much going on when you’re planning to move, it’s easy to forget some important things. One such thing is what to do with your pets. It might seem like fun to have your pet milling around during the move, getting a lay of the land, but the reality is that moving is confusing and agitating for pets. Further, their presence can actually be dangerous—for both themselves and your belongings. So one thing you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re planning a move is arranging for pet care. One great option is to use a professional pet sitting service. Here are a few.

Queen City Pet sitting: Queen City Pet sitting is comprised of an extensive team of licensed, bonded, and insured pet sitters covering essentially every part of Charlotte (as well as much of the surrounding area). They offer both overnight boarding and day boarding services. The boarding is not centered in one particular location; instead, your pet stays at the pet sitter’s home. You must make ensure that your pet has all vaccinations required and recommended by both the city of Charlotte and the state of North Carolina. Be sure to schedule in advance, as there is a fee for reservations made fewer than 48 hours in advance.


-Overnight boarding: $50 for pets 11 lbs. and up; $45 for 10 lbs. or under. $20 for each additional pet.

-Day boarding: $25 for 1-3 hours; $45 for 4-6 hours

Charlotte Pet Sitting: Similar to Queen City Pet sitting, Charlotte Pet Sitting offers individualized care, using a team of sitters all over Charlotte, and pets can board in sitters’ homes. Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations, on a flea/tick regimen, and must have no aggressive tendencies. Prices are all-inclusive and there are no last-minute booking fees, though you will need to have a meet-and-greet before being provided service.


-Overnight boarding: $50 for one dog, $75 for two, $100 for three

-Day boarding: $2 per hour per dog

Charlotte Kennels: If you prefer a traditional kennel where all dogs stay at one centralized location (as opposed to individual sitters’ homes) Charlotte Kennels is a solid option. Located 15 miles southeast of Charlotte in Indian Trail, a kennel is generally a less expensive option than most individualized pet sitting services. The other main difference is, of course, that animals other than yours will be there. It should be noted that you have the option to request that your dog not interact with other dogs. Important note: Shot records must be provided by your vet via fax.


-Day boarding (8am-6pm): $17

-Overnight boarding

Regular, large run: $29

Regular, giant run: $46

Luxury suite: $49

Additional dogs (in same run/suite): $20 each

-Feline boarding: $19 ($11 for each additional cat in same condo)

Continental Boarding & Doggie Daycare: Located in southwest Charlotte, Continental Boarding is another traditional kennel. An interesting feature to this particular facility is that it is veterinarian owned and operated. It has also garnered several awards from Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. Proof of Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations is required.


-Day boarding (“Playcare”): $28 for one day, $125 for five-day pass

-Overnight boarding

Junior Suite: $30

Luxury Suite: $40

Second dog: $20

Additional dogs: $15

-Feline boarding: $20