3 Tips for a Summer Move


May to October is the most popular time to move.  The weather is good and the kids are out of school which make summer the ideal time for the big move. Here are three tips for moving this summer:

Professionals vs. Friends/Family

We’ve all been there, in our early twenties, helping a friend move. Not always the most fun experience, especially if that friend is disorganized. And we’ve had friends help us move, which we are always grateful for the help even it means our TV doesn’t quite make it intact.

Professionals are a big stress relief when it comes to moving. T-N-T movers have competitive rates, take extra care, and offer full replacement coverage.

What to Pack

According to MSN Real Estate, it is always easier to purge before you move than moving the stuff you don’t really need with you. We’ve all been guilty of hanging on to stuff a little too long. Moving is a great opportunity to donate or get rid of stuff you haven’t used in a while. If you remove old clothes, electronics, and furniture before packing, this can lower the cost of the move, especially if you are moving long distance when most movers charge by weight. If you have time, a yard sale can be a good way to clear out the clutter or donate to a local charity.

If you have an unusual shaped sculpture or other item, it is always best to pack it in a box. This will help whoever you have help move you because a box will protect the item and a box will fit better on a moving truck.

Where to get Supplies

Where to get boxes is always a question movers have. Boxes are easy to come by if you know where to look. Grocery stores often have sturdy boxes. Often, bananas and apples come in boxes with lids so ask your local grocery store for those types of boxes. Wine boxes are great for packing glasses. Another place to look is Craigslist. People who have just moved usually just want to be unburdened with the boxes so they will post under Free Stuff moving supplies.

Packing supplies can also add the cost of moving. Try to use linens, towels, and newspapers you already have on hand to pack your fragile items.

Having the movers pack your stuff can be a time saver and stress reliever. And usually if they pack the box, they will replace anything if it gets damaged during the move.

Always make sure to get a written estimate before hiring any mover. You can get a no obligation, free consultation today at T-N-T Moving Systems!

Kelly Bladl
CCP Web Design Staff Writer


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