Winter Moving Tips

Moving Tips for Cold Weather

Moving Tips for Cold Weather

A winter move can be tricky, especially in inclement weather. Winter is a great time for gathering inside, close to a fire and cuddling up with loved ones. But if you are moving out of state or even just to the other side of town, winter weather can offer some challenges. At TNT Movers, we will move you any time of the year. With dropping temperatures and unpredictable precipitation, you will want to follow these tips for a successful move.
Keep extra gloves, hats, sweaters and coats out. Sometimes in the fervor of moving we pack up things we might need during the move. Be sure to keep enough warm clothes unpacked to survive the move.
Keep the snow shovel and sand or salt handy. Sometimes, we can’t reschedule a move due to nasty weather. In case of snow or ice, be sure to be prepared. Keep the snow shovel handy to create a path from the truck to your door. And spread sand or salt on walkways to keep from slipping.

Get large pieces of cardboard. These pieces can be laid down on carpet to keep the movers from tracking in mud or sludge. Be sure to transport the cardboard with you to use at your new house as well.

Have functioning heat and lights. Make sure all utilities are set up at your new place before you move. And make sure your utilities aren’t due to shut off at your current place until after the move. This will ensure a more comfortable and smoother move for all.

Have hot drinks available.  Hot chocolate, tea and coffee will be a welcomed treat for everyone helping you move.

These 5 tips can help make a stressful day less stressful. Being prepared can bring peace of mind. At TNT Movers, we are experienced at winter moves. We can help you through the whole process, even packing! Or we can just help you the day of your move with loading, transporting, and unloading your stuff. Contact us for a free quote at (704) 523-1455.

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