Warning! What you Need to Know Before Hiring a Mover


Options for Moving From TNT

You have bought a new home, and it is time for you to start planning your move. Looking around your room,

Do you know how many moving you will need to pack all your items?
Do you know how much these items weigh?
Do you know how large of a moving truck you will need to move your belongings?
Do you know all how much it cost to move, rent a truck, or hire a moving company?
Do you have a budget for moving expenses?

We hope you hire TNT Moving Systems to help you with your move but either way, we wanted our customers to have the facts about selecting the right moving service.

Local Moving Company

The best option is using a local moving company, like T-N-T Moving Systems in Charlotte. A local moving company will be more available and will focus on you as one single move, and not as a caravan move of many families. When you move with a local company the same crew arrives, loads the truck, travels with the truck from your current home to your new home, and unloads the truck.

Do It Yourself

You can move yourself. Doing this allows you to make your own time-table. You can move in the middle of the night, or early Saturday morning. You can take one day to move, or an entire week.

Renting a truck in Charlotte ranges from $30 – $160 per day depending on the size truck, insurance coverage and gas. You will need to consider what size truck you need, packing materials, moving tools like hand cart, and who will do the heavy lifting. If you are using friends and family, we recommend having a Plan B just in case someone is sick or unable to be there the day of your move.

National Moving Company

Most national companies will help you plan the move. Be sure you as about boxes; sometimes they are free. If the boxes and moving materials such as tape and packing materials are not include, remember to ask about the pricing.

Understand the disadvantages to a larger moving company. Your belongings are normally put into a caravan moving truck. They are placed alongside the belongings of multiple families and can make many stops before reaching your new home. If you are moving from Charlotte to Miami, your belongings may stop in Jacksonville, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale before it reaches your new home. Your belongings may be moved aside as other households are removed or added to the caravan truck. Also, the crew that loads your belongings into this caravan most likely will not be the same crew that unloads them. National moving companies have crews in each city to unload and load items. If you ask one crew member to be careful with your grandmother’s china cabinet, that message may not be passed to the next city’s crew members.

Find out about all of the charges in advance. Is there an extra mileage charge, insurance charge, overtime charge, etc.


Want the answers to your moving questions without being pressured into using a service? We want to help. No obligation. No pushy sales guy. Get the pricing and answers you need today. Call 704-523-1455. Owners Todd Koepke and Tom Tulowiecki personally answer all phone calls. You deal with them directly. They have been in the moving business in Charlotte for 18 years, and have the expertise to make your move a pleasant experience.

Consider all options before deciding how to complete your move. Checking into a local moving company like T-N-T Moving Systems could be beneficial, and help make your move an event to remember for all the right reasons. Remember, if you have any questions, call Todd or Tom at 704-523-1455.

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