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Commercial Moving

It takes a good coordinator to organize a commercial move.  A person in your office should be chosen to lead the packing and labeling for your upcoming office move.  They would work with our team long before the move date to work out elevator reservation times, insurance issues, packing and labeling as well as the disassembly and assembly of cubicles and furniture. One tip is to be sure that if you are leasing your copiers, make sure the copier company knows you ... Read more

Moving the Carolina Panthers

We have been associated with the Carolina Panthers since there inception in 1995. Not only does it involve moving their equipment to Wofford College for training camp but we also move many players, coaches and staff locally. We are well experienced in moving high end homes of up to 14,000 square feet as well as the 1 bedroom apartment. The Panthers have trusted us for 17 seasons and we appreciate their loyalty. Read more

Labor Only to Load PODS and Rentals

For the ambitious person who wants to drive their own rental truck, we can supply the manpower to load and unload the truck.  This applies to P.O.D.S. as well.  In most cases there are no hourly minimums. Furniture can damage easily while in transit mainly because the truck was not loaded correctly.   Let our our experienced movers pack your rental truck or POD so that you are not spending the money you are saving by doing it yourself on furniture repair bills. I ... Read more

Moving 101

So what happens when you hire a mover? 1) Have your home packed and ready before they arrive. 2) Perform a walkthrough with all the men at the beginning so they know how much is being moved and which items you are most concerned about. 3)Let them perform their duties without interuption. (have young children play with the neighbor kids or over at Grandma's) 4) Once at the new home, go through every room with the movers so they know where everything is going.  Make ... Read more

Summer season means book early

Without a doubt the busy season for every mover is the summer season.  Rates will increase and availability will decrease.  If you plan to move at the end of the month like most people do, it is important that you book your reservation about 4 weeks in advance.  Especially if you want the last Saturday of the month! There are some companies that overbook and will make that call to you the night before your move to tell you that they are ... Read more

Guaranteed Moving Dates

Imagine moving day comes and the company you hired does not show up.  There can be many "acceptable " excuses but that does not bring comfort to you especially when you have to turn the keys to the house over at the end of the day to the new homeowner. Your larger van lines on long distance moves will give you a window of time (usually about 3 - 5 days) of when they will show up to load and unload your ... Read more