Spring Cleaning to Prepare for a Summer Move!

The season for cleaning has arrived and it’s time to dig right into a cleaning adventure! Yep, deep cleaning, cleaning out, rearranging! You know it! Out with the old, in with the new!


T-N-T Moving Systems in Charlotte North Carolina can help. They can help transport all your treasures from one area to the next or help move items that are no longer wanted to a donation center or trash facility.


Where to Take Trash

Cleaning undoubtedly leads to piles and piles of garbage! Did you know that the average American generates 4.4 pounds of trash per day!  Fortunately, looking at the trash map (see below) North Carolina is higher than most for good recycling habits.  But as a country we have a long way to go in preserving our earth.  Thanks for doing your part by recycling during a move!

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Before throwing anything away make sure it’s not something that can be recycled or something that can be donated or sold. After that, it’s time to make it disappear and there are plenty of garbage facilities in Charlotte. Many times, the amount of garbage collected from a big spring cleaning is just too much to fit in the garbage bin. But don’t worry there are plenty of options.

If the items you are disposing of are not common waste items and are too large to fit in the bin like old mattresses, box springs, lawn equipment, or other large items, they are considered bulky waste. These items can be scheduled to be picked up by Charlotte’s Bulky Waste Collection.  For the items to be picked up, an appointment is a need. If items are left by the curb unscheduled, they will not be picked up and you may receive a fine. Schedule an appointment by:


  • Going online and filling out a request form
  • Calling 311
  • Calling (704-336-7600 if you are outside of Mecklenburg County)


After you have scheduled a pickup time you will receive a collection day and confirmation number. Remember items should:


  • Be placed outside by 6 am on collection day
  • Placed within 6 feet of the curb
  • Placed at least 3 feet away from other items and obstacles like a mailbox or telephone pole
  • Not be out more than 24 hours before collection time (could result in a 50 dollar fine)


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Cardboard Box TIP:  Did you know TNT Moving Systems will recycle your boxes for you if you are a customer!  Give us a call and we’ll come pick them up after your move.

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Recycling can be a tedious task! Sorting papers and bottles to cardboard boxes. After a move, there are just, SO MANY BOXES! They are everywhere, so now what. You had to call stores and hunt down boxes now you have to find a way to dispose of them! First, the best and most appreciated thing to do is to check around and see if anyone else you know is moving or cleaning. See if they could use the boxes or maybe even try posting it on Facebook. Tag us in the post and we will share it with our moving community as well. This will make it easy to have someone come pick up the boxes and you will feel good by helping someone out!


Now, what to do with the rest of your recyclables! Mecklenburg County is proud to be a county that encourages recycling. They have many easy to locate recycling centers where recyclables can conveniently be drop off. There are several recycling centers and different center for certain items. All recycling centers accept:


  • Office Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Phonebooks
  • Empty Aerosol Cans
  • Milk and Juice Cartons
  • Aluminum, Steel, and Tin Cans
  • Glass Bottles
  • Plastics


If you are recycling other items check out what is accepted at each specific location. There is recycling center that offers:


  • Full Service
  • Self Service
  • Yard Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Business Recycling


Donating Used Items

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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We have all hear this saying and know that items we know longer want could be used by someone else. Donating Items is a great way to get rid of unwanted things and reduce clutter in a storage unit, while also giving back to the community. While you are cleaning and finding items to get rid of, make a pile of things that are still in good condition. Things like clothes, kitchen appliances, and furniture are great to donate! Charlotte offers several great companies to donate items:






  • Habitat for Humanity Restore
    • Donation Hotline: 704-392-4495
    • Donate gently used and new merchandise
    • Donate anything from building materials, furniture, to new and used cabinets
    • Drop-offs can be made or for large items, you can schedule them to be picked up


  • The Salvation Army
    • There are Salvation Army donation center and drop-off boxes all around Charlotte
    • Large items can be scheduled for pickup
    • Commonly donated items include: clothes, furniture, automobiles, household goods, appliances
    • Donations are tax-deductible


  • Goodwill
    • All Goodwill stores service as drop-off centers
    • Larger items can be scheduled for pickup
    • Commonly donated items include: clothes, books, household items, bedding, furniture, appliances, toys, games, working and non-working flat screen TVs
    • Check the list of non-accepted items


Where to Donate Electronic Equipment

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In this fast-moving world technology advances and changes so quickly that electronics go out of style in the blink of an eye. But when you are done with an electronic, don’t throw it away, donate it! Electronics can be donated and reused by someone else or the parts can be recycled to create something new! Charlotte has several places where electronics can be donated and reused or recycles.


  • Goodwill’s Electronic Donations
    • 30 donation sites in Charlotte, NC
    • Donate working or non-working items
    • Donate Desktops, laptops, accessories, tablets, flat screen TVs, audio systems, gaming equipment, cameras, cell phones, etc.
    • For more information, contact Jason Thomas: 980-636-1298


  • Greenteknology Electronics Recycling Solutions
    • Call 704-412-3343
    • Public drop-off centers and convenient at-your-door pickup services
    • Recycle TVs, computers, cell phones, batteries, audio systems, gaming equipment, appliances, and more.


Now you know some of the places Charlotte has to help you clean out, so it’s time to get started! Give T-N-T Moving Systems in Charlotte, North Carolina a call when you are ready to schedule a moving date! HAPPY CLEANING!

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