Protecting your Home from a Break In

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Protecting your Home from a Break In
At T-N-T Moving Systems, we are in the business of moving your belongings safely and securely to your new home. But once all your stuff is moved in- how do you protect it?
You don’t necessarily need an expensive high-tech security system to help keep burglars away. Follow these tips to help keep your stuff safe:
1. Lights– Even though most burglaries happen during the day, some happen at night. Criminals are usually looking for a house where no one is home. To reduce the risk of a night break in- install motion detectors in the front and back of your house. Be sure to put them in spots that are out of reach so that they can’t be easily disabled. Also put inside lights on timers, so that it looks like someone might be home.
2. Landscape-This can be a cheap deterrent. Consider planting bushes with prickly thorns under windows. Also, be sure to keep brushes trimmed back so that they don’t conceal someone trying to break in.
3. Secure the windows– Make sure that your windows are not left open at night or during the day when no one is home. Windows are also very easy to break and unlock. In order to prevent a burglar from smashing a window and unlatching the lock, consider securing wooden framed windows with nail or bolts.
4. Be private- Don’t advertise your name on mailboxes or front door. Also, don’t advertise via social media when you will be out of town. Everyone loves to post vacation pictures, but consider posting them after you are back home. You don’t want all your friends’ friends to know your house is unoccupied for days on end.
5. Secure sliding glass doors– By using a steel bar or two by four, place it in the back groove of the sliding glass door. Even if the burglar can pick the lock, they won’t be able to slide it open.
6. Get to Know your Neighbors– Closer-knit communities generally report fewer break-ins. Even consider being a part of a neighborhood watch program. If you go out of town, tell a couple neighbors that you trust to keep a look out for any suspicious behavior.
7. Hire Us! Okay, this may not sound like an anti-break in tip- but a lot of moving companies out there are really scam artists. Hiring professional movers that you can trust- like T-N-T- will help protect your belongings when you move. When looking for movers, be sure to work with companies that have ties to the community, have a brick and mortar office or facility, and have a good reputation online or through word of mouth.
Keeping your home and family safe are top priorities. Hopefully these tips will help secure your home and belongings from a break in. And the next time you move, give us a call for a safe and secure move- 704-523-1455.

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