Moving To a Rental? Things You Need to Know!

Moving to a Rental Home in Charlotte

Moving Tips for Charlotte Movers

Scheduling a Move to a Rental

According to the US Census Bureau, 33 percent of the homes in Charlotte are rental units.  That’s 224,000 families renting at any given time.  Roughly one-third of these families move every year, and most of these moves are done from May to September.  This puts rental homes and moving companies in peak demand during the summer.  If you think you will be moving, it’s a good idea to schedule that moving company today!

Full Service Movers Are Best

The best way to get the job done right is with a full-service moving company like T-N-T Moving Systems.  Beyond moving your belongings on moving day, their staff will help you plan your move, deliver boxes to your home and help get you settled in the new home.  And it’s all included in the price of the move.

The staff at T-N-T Moving Systems does not simply drop your boxes and furniture into a room and walk away; they will help you arrange your furniture.  With a moving company that helps set up your furniture, you know it will look like home before they leave.

Financial Saving

Moving from apartment to apartment or changing condos is usually less expensive than moving from a home.  It’s a real cost savings for families when they don’t have all of the clutter that builds up in attics or garages.

Since the economic slump began T-N-T Moving Systems owner Tom Tulowiek has observed an increase in the number of families that they are moving into rental homes.  In a recent interview Tulowiek said, “Renting really seems like a smart idea for a lot of people.  Parents don’t have worry about keeping up with a mortgage.  They are more relaxed and less financially stressed.  The cost is lower all the way around!”

Easy Rental Logistics

Moving families into apartments, condos and townhomes also has some hidden benefits!  There are many opportunities for kids to play at the pool or at the clubhouse facilities while the heavy lifting is going on at the home.  Some communities even provide pet care while you move.

Additionally, if you are starting a new job or can’t meet the moving trucks, many management companies will meet the movers for you.  T-N-T Moving Systems can have you moved in and settled before you get home from work!

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