Moving Fido

fidoThere is so much to think about when moving. The packing, cleaning, tying up loose ends and just making sure everyone and everything get safely to the new place in a timely fashion.  But what about your family pets? For dogs and cats, time and planning is necessary to ensure a comfortable transition for these ever precious family members.

One of the first things to think about is getting your pet chipped before the move. If they do get loose, the chip with ownership and contact information will help you find them. If they are chipped, check to see if your pet information is registered with a national company. Oftentimes registration is with a private company who may or may not keep good records, might be out of business, or can’t be reached from long distances. So when you go to pick up your pets records from your vet to bring to the new vet, ask them to verify whether the chip is still working. Your local animal shelter also provides this service.

And talk to your vet about sedating your pet for the actual physical move. You know your pet better than anyone. If it’s a long car trip, maybe sedation isn’t necessary. But if a pet is being put on some king of mass transportation (plane, train or bus) with loud noises, unfamiliar voices, and not with you for the ride, sedation might be necessary to avoid a traumatic experience.

And most importantly, give your pets a lot of love and attention prior, during and after your move. Pets are often the last thing on people’s minds during a stressful move. They can begin to feel unloved and neglected which can bring about more stress and bad behavior.

By Libby Lucas

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