Moving Back to School: Living On or Off Campus

Charlotte Moving Company TipsSummer is coming to a close and college kids around the country are moving back to school. “It’s a busy time of year for families in the Charlotte area,” says Tom Tulowiecki, owner of T-N-T Moving Systems. One decision for student to make is where to live. Should you live on campus in a dorm or off campus in your own apartment? “Getting your own place can often be daunting, but it can give you more privacy, be cheaper, and teach more responsibility,” explains Tulowiecki.

Dorm Living

Some colleges force incoming freshman to live on campus. It is to help promote the college community. Dorms usually offer social events and opportunities to meet more people than off-campus living. There are also cleaning services for shared areas like common rooms and bathrooms which make dorm living better than living on your own. Campuses usually have restrictions on parties and alcohol use. Students don’t have to worry about paying monthly rent or utilities either. On campus living often comes with a meal plan which means students don’t have to worry about preparing meals. More social interaction and proximity to things like the dining hall and library can make living on campus a good fit for a lot of students.
But living on campus can also be a distraction.

Off Campus Living

For older students, living off-campus offers real benefits. “Space is the biggest attraction of off-campus living,” says Todd Koepke, owner of T-N-T Moving Systems. You can have your own room and make your own food. A new study from the US National Library of Medicine indicates that “Frequent food/beverage purchasing around campus was associated with less frequent breakfast consumption and higher fat and added sugar intake, similar to fast-food purchasing. Bringing food from home was associated with healthier dietary patterns.” Students have more control over their living environment when living off campus.

Students are also given more responsibility in regards to paying bills. But there are new apps coming out that help students pay their share like Venmo. Together, parents and students should decide what is best for them. Living off campus is often cheaper and more private, but takes more responsibility to be successful.

“Overall, moving off-campus can be a great growth experience for college students; it gives kids a real taste of what it’s like to live on their own,” according to

How T-N-T Can Help

T-N-T Moving Systems is a trusted Charlotte mover and has been for over 19 years. “We got our start moving the Charlotte Panthers, and have grown to become one of the top local and long distance movers in the area,” explains Tom Tulowiecki. If you or your college student needs a hand in moving back to school, T-N-T can handle the job. There are a lot of fly-by-night moving companies, so go with one you can trust. T-N-T offers a variety of services from packing to transporting to selling moving supplies. Let us take some of the stress out of this time of transition and get you where you need to go. With reasonable rates and a free estimate, T-N-T is a great choice for your Charlotte mover.

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