Injuries in the Home: How Serious Are They?

Most of us don’t think of day-to-day housework, chores or tasks, such as moving, as dangerous. Perhaps we should. Many chronic medical conditions occur as the result of prior injuries. And many people incur these injuries in their homes, while engaged in seemingly harmless housework or chores. Avoiding injuries can help individuals stay healthy longer, retain independence longer and potentially save thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), unintentional injury is the 5th leading cause of death in the United States. In the most recent statistics available, the CDC reported that the number of medically attended, unintentional injuries was 34.9 million. That’s 114.7 incidents per 1000 individuals. In addition, statistics from the CDC show that emergency rooms recently treated approximately 1.1 million patients for fractures.

Everyday injuries may occur for many reasons. Impatience and impulsivity contribute. Failing to wait for assistance in moving a heavy object or failing to plan in case of accident can lead to injury. Failing to take the time to obtain proper lighting while moving through hallways or in crawl spaces under homes can contribute to the probability of injury.

One-time injuries, such as ruptured discs, torn tendons or broken limbs can cause chronic, long-term problems. Tearing a tendon from the ankle to the foot can prohibit an individual from walking and case intense pain. A torn tendon requires surgery to repair and not all surgeries are successful. Recovery from surgery takes months and requires the patient to cease activity for up to six weeks. If the ankle does not heal properly there may be permanent limitations, stemming from the original injury.

Moving involves heavy lifting and repetitive motion. Even packing can lead to injury. Bending, stooping and pulling can all strain muscles and there is potential for all kinds of injuries.
The cost of incurring an injury can be extensive. Medical bills are not the only potential cost. Time missed at work, and lost productivity can all cost money.

Taken in perspective, hiring movers may be one of the most affordable choices you can make when faced with the potential for injury, potential time away from work and extensive medical expenses. Don’t do it yourself. Hire professionals.

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