Don’t Get Duped by Craigslist Movers!

Craigslist VS Charlotte Movers

Don’t Get Duped by Craigslist Movers!

Recently a couple moving from Missouri to North Carolina hired movers off Craigslist- and none of their belongings ever showed up as reported on WSOC TV in Charlotte. “This is far from the first time innocent people have been duped by movers off Craigslist,” says Todd Koepke, co-owner of TNT Moving Systems in Charlotte, NC. “We have warned folks before to be wary of a deal too good to be true.”

This St. Louis couple found the moving company- Robinson Moving LLC- on Craigslist ad. They paid the movers $1100 upfront and were to pay the remaining $300 when their belonging arrived in Charlotte, NC. The movers loaded the truck in Missouri but never made it to North Carolina. The police arrested the man responsible but released as police applied for charges. The couple’s belongings were estimated at $30,000. A search of the business licenses in Missouri did not show anything for Robinson Moving LLC according to the St. Louis Dispatch.

This couple’s story is unfortunately not uncommon. Moving scams are one of the most prevalent. These scammers prey on people’s trusting nature. That’s why at TNT Moving Systems we recommend the following before hiring a mover:

  1. Get References. Do your research and ask around. Find out who your friends or family members have used. Usually a licensed company will have online reviews you can check out. If interested in a Craigslist mover, ask them for references and follow up! Make sure they are not making up fake references just to get your business.
  2. Get it in Writing. Usually a licensed, professional company will give you a written estimate. You can get a free quote from T-N-T here. A Craigslist mover will not likely do this. It is best if everything is written down on paper, in a contract form, not just in an email. Shop around and get at least 3 written estimates. Those who are willing to put everything on paper should put your mind at ease. Professional moving companies, T-N-T Moving Systems, always give you a contract for your move.
  3. Be thorough. Go through the estimates, contracts and details. Make sure you understand what the movers are offering and how much everything will cost. You don’t want to be surprised with hidden fees.


If you need a professional mover, give us a call at 704-523-1455 or ask for a quote. We have been in the business for over 20 years and have strong ties to the community. We are licensed, bonded, insured and professional

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