Charlotte Movers: Cardboard Box Craft Ideas

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Charlotte Movers:  Cardboard Box Craft Ideas

Recently moved? What are you going to do with all those boxes?  Well, don’t throw them out just yet! Charlotte Movers, TNT Moving Systems, has some ideas about what to do with old moving boxes.

With a little paint and imagination, you can turn a cardboard box into almost anything!

Cardboard Craft Ideas*:

HUGE BOX: If you have a wardrobe box or a huge appliance box, make a rustic camper! With some paint, duct tape, and ingenuity, you can create an old camper. Be sure to add wheels and a door.

LARGE BOX: A television moving box is perfect for making a tent. Add some festive shapes on the outside with paint or markers, lay a blanket on the floor, then position the box over the blanket in a triangle shape. Viola- instant tent!

MEDIUM BOX: You will probably have plenty of medium-sized boxes after the move. You can stack them on top each other to make a pretend washer and dryer. You could make a handy lap tray– just cut off the bottom and make a large opening for your legs to slip through!

SMALL BOX: So much you can do with small boxes! Stack them up and make a castle. You can even use empty toilet rolls for the towers! Create a cash register or a sewing machine! The possibilities are endless!

Tools needed: Cardboard boxes, tape (masking or duct), paint, markers, and imagination.

Moving can be difficult on everyone in the family- especially if you’ve had to switch school districts. These arts and crafts ideas might give you so much needed family time or at least keep the kids entertained while you are unpacking the rest of the boxes!

If you need boxes or other moving supplies, give us a call at 704-523-1455. Or if you need help planning your move, we can get you a free quote. TNT Moving Systems has been your local Charlotte Moving Company for over 20 years!




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