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Moving Insurance

When hiring a mover you should know and understand what you are covered for in the case of an accident.  All moving companies licensed in the state of North Carolina must offer the customer the limited valuation of 60 cents per pound per article.  This means that if your dressor gets scratched and it weighs 100 pounds, you will receive $60 towards the repair.  It is limited because if your flat screen TV falls and breaks and it weighs 100 pounds, ... Read more

Storing household goods

In some cases storing houshold goods is the only option available.  When your home sells much quicker than you expect it may catch you offguard.  Searching for your new home takes time and I do not recommend that you pick one just because you have nowhere to go.  You will come to understand that moving your furniture into storage and renting a home or apartment can save you thousands in the long run.  When the housing market was strong this delemma happened ... Read more